The Thunderstorms Passed and Fishing has Resumed


Update After The Storm: Several anglers and guest have inquired about the thunderstorms that hit the Eastern Shore earlier this week. Chincoteague Island had thunder and lightning with some heavy rain, but everyone here is safe. Unfortunately some of the guest and locals on the South Eastern Shore were not so lucky; they endured severe weather with casualties and injuries from the storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families as well as all the emergency responders that were their to assist everyone in their time of need.


Fishing Report July 26, 2014

The Croaker are in and they are everywhere! This is the perfect time to bring the family for some fun fishing, your chances of catching Croaker are 99.9%. Here at Captain Steve’s were carry plenty of bottom rigs with a large assortment of hooks. For an angler’s convenience we stock East Coast Surf & Bay Rigs used for catching Croaker, Spot, and Kingfish as well as snapper, pompano, blowfish, and bluefish. They are tied and ready to go… you add the appropriate weight. Baits of Choice for Croaker are Bloodworms, Squid, Shrimp, and Fishbites (artificial bait: shrimp, bloodworm, squid, crab, and clam).

Sharks, Sharks, and more Sharks have infiltrated the bays, channel, and shoreline. Angler’s who want a fun fight and to challenge themselves into catching a shark, stop on by Captain Steve’s and let us set you up with the right tools. We have custom clamped stainless steel wire shark rigs with Gamakatsu hooks guaranteed to increase your chances of the shark not biting through the leader. Bait of choice is fresh Bunker (Yes! We have some in stock) Mackerel, and Squid.

The Wrecks are still producing great numbers of keeper size Flounder, most boats are limiting out. A few Triggers and Spades are still hooking up, but not as much as they were a month ago. Captain Steve’s just got a large shipment of Spro bucktails, and they are one of the hottest lures this season when jigging for Flounder. Gulp and Squid are both used when jigging for flounder around the wrecks. We also stock a variety of sizes of Gamakatsu hooks that anglers are baiting with clam and squid while fishing for Triggers and Spades.

Flounder in the Bay, Channels, and Creeks are being caught everyday. This time of year anglers have the most luck drifting through deeper holes using Gulp bait and minnows. The store stocks plenty of flounder rigs and we can get you fishing in no time. *NEW: We just stocked Red 4 inch swimming mullet & restocked White 6 inch swimming mullet.

Anyone fishing offshore? Captain Steve’s stocks Butterfish, Mackerel Flats, Bionic Ballyhoo, and Chum (Tournament Chum, Mackerel Chum, and Bunker Chum).

Good luck to all anglers out there, and remember you can’t catch a fish if you don’t wet your lines. Tight Lines Everyone!


Ben, age 7, with his FIRST FISH! #fishingfever #congrats


This beautiful shark was caught on the Assateague Surf. #sharkbait #bravemenwithbarefeet


Jimmy and Mr. Al fishing in the Assateague Channel caught five keepers and a Grey Trout. #gulpbait #minnows


John Speleos with a nice shark off the Assateague Surf. #sharkrig


Preston and Grace Mullett from Powell, Ohio catching Croakers using Kingfish rigs and Fishbites. #islandlife #younganglers


Greg, Joe, Joe, and Devyn from Lancaster Pennsylvania caught 51 Croaker and 1 Spot using Fishbites and Red Gulp. #Gulpbait #dinnertime


Elizabeth, 8 years old, from Kentucky with a Flounder she caught in the Chincoteague Channel using Pink Gulp. #FlounderSlayer #KentuckyGirlsRock


Mr. Jim and Friends went out with Captain John aboard the “Huntress Charters” and caught plenty of fatty Flounders and a few Trigger fish. #wreckfishing


Jordan all the way from California with a nice 20 inch Flounder. #WestCoasterFishingEastCoastStyle


Mark and Kevin limited out with eight keeper Flounder. #welldone


Tom Blackwell and John Hubbard from Maryland went out with Captain Matt Abel from Seahawk Sportcenter, caught Triggerfish around the wrecks. #wreckfishing