Send Us Your Pictures!

Send Us Your Pictures

Each year our visiting anglers and our locals help us out by sending us family photos of their fishing trips while they are fishing around Chincoteague, VA. Sharing fishing stories is part of the experience and we love to see the kids getting out there and catching their first Croaker or Blue Crab as well as anglers fishing from the shore, the bays, the wrecks, and the deeper water offshore. If you have a fishing photo you would like to share with Captain Steve’s please email us at: Be sure to include information such as the angler’s names, hometown, name of the boat and Captain if you chartered a trip, and if you would like to include the bait and or tackle you used we appreciate it.


Fishing Report July 21, 2014

Surf: Several Reports of Sharks being caught all over the surf; Captain Steve’s has hand clamped Shark Rigs with Stainless Steel Wire set up and ready to hit the beach. Baits of choice are Mackerel and Bunker. Other reports off the surf are Rays, a few Bluefish, Kingfish, and Croakers. This morning we had a few Red Drum caught and released.

Bay, Channels, and Creeks: Lots and lots of Croakers and the size varies. The dominate bait is shrimp and bloodworms followed by squid. Captain Steve’s stocks the very popular fishbites (artificial bait) in Clam, Bloodworm, Crab, and Shrimp. *NOTE: The town pier is doing well and there are reports of anglers catching Croaker all week long.

The Wrecks:  Flounder, Spades, and Triggers are dominating with a few Cobia and Tautogs (out of season). Captain Steve’s carries Squid, Smelt, Big Minnows, Clams, and Shrimp and are all used around the wrecks.

Offshore: Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Shark. Heavy Chunking is working well with Butterfish and trolling with Ballyhoo using Blue and White skirted rigs as well as Islander rigs.




John Main from Ellicott City Maryland aboard the “Martha Jane” limited out in 2 hours off the wrecks. His Flounder were 20″, 21″, 22″, and 23″. #LimitedOut


Shawnee and Taylor with two 22 inch flounder and a 17.5 inch flounder.


These young anglers hit the wrecks and brought home 8 keeper flounder.


Captain Frank, Captain Jay, and Mate Dave took  out the O’Bryant Crew and these gentlemen landed some nice Tuna and a dolphin. #Tuna #Dolphin #Goodeatin


Another good trip with Captain Glenn aboard the “Shammy.” Tommy Button and Crew caught a 60 lb Yellowfin and 4 Mahi Mahi chunking at Lumpy Bottom. #Tuna #MahiMahi


Joshua Bukofsku from Glen Lyon Pennsylvania caught this 23.25 inch flounder. #dinner


Keith Antoniacci from Derwood Maryland caught a shark off the Assateague Surf. #sharkrigs #mackerel #bunker


Mariah Luring with double header Croakers on a top and bottom rig. #nicework