October is here it is Drum Time, kingfish off the surf some flounder too…


October is here although the temperatures are still warmer than usual.  We are having a good bite off the surf snapper bluefish, some nice kingfish, butterfly rays.  In the bay anglers are doing best with kingfish near the inlet.  Still A  few flounder around too but you have to put your time in.  Striped Bass have started sshowingup mostly a night bite.  Stop on in for all your fishing tackle and info.  We have in fresh bait!!!butterflyray

Here is a good size butterfly ray they have a short tail.flndrbeach


Plenty of flounder off the surf taken on our East Coast high low rig tipped with spot and mullet.king

This king fell for a mullet head…shanetrout

Shane Whealton with a speckled trout!tom1red

Big Reds have come to the beach great job Tom!tom2reds


48” red actually 2 caught by Tom Bradley


Bluefish, king, and a nice flounder.  Some good surf fish makes for a good dinner!