Wrapping up the Flounder Tournament for 2014

Flounder Tournament, May 26th, 2014:

Captain Steve’s would like to thank everyone that came out for the 2014 Flounder Tournament. Plenty of fish were caught and submitted, and the last fish was weighed in about twenty minutes before 6pm. This was the second place flounder caught by Stacey Knisley, in fact she bumped her husband Scott out of tenth place. Overall, the fish bite was consistent throughout the tournament and plenty of families are eating flounder for dinner. Thanks again for all the support and participation!

Standings and Prizes:


1st Place: Lee Irwin, 6.01 lbs – Cash Prize $1720.00


2nd Place: Stacey Knisley, 6.01 lbs – Cash Prize $1290.00


3rd Place: Jeff McLellan, 5.0 lbs – Cash Prize $860.00


4th Place: Eugene Tharp, 5.0 lbs – Star Rod and a Spin Fisher Reel Combo


5th Place: Sherry Rippeon, 4.14 lbs – Shimano Rod & Reel Combo w/ Lifetime Warranty


6th Place: Keith Gray, 4.12 lbs – Battle Penn Rod & Reel Combo


7th Place: Bill Rawlings, 4.11 – Shimano Rod & Reel Combo & a $50 Gift Card to Famous Pizza



8th Place: Carl Peck, 4.11 – Penn Rod & Reel Combo & a $50 Gift Card to Maria’s Family Restaurant (Brother Thomas Excepting)


9th Place: Jeff Walker, Shimano Rod & Reel Combo & $50 Gift Card to Steamer’s


10th Place: William Miller, 4.11 – Penn Rod & Reel Combo


May 24th/25th Flounder Fishing


Carter and Briana from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania fished with their dad, Brandon, and Pop-Pop Jim. Nice fish guys!


Charly Ely from Martinsburg, West Virginia weighed this flounder in at 5lbs 1 oz. Charly was not registered for our tournament, but this flounder was large enough to place in our tournament. Great fish Charly!


Jersey Rich took some time off from helping out around Captain Steve’s, and brought some nice flounder home for dinner.


Some of our local Chincoteaguer’s training this little woman on how to do some flounder fishing.


Jeff Walker with this whopper sized flounder!


Joe continues to catch Sea Bass with family and friends. Beautiful day of fishing guys!


Stacey Knisley showed up all these fellows today with this 6.01 lb flounder! She placed in the flounder tournament with this fatty. Nice job Stacey!


Bill Jaggers and Mike Trzonkowski from Newark, Delaware were aboard “The Skirt Chaser” and fished Washington Canyon where they caught these beautiful Yellow Tuna and Mahi.


Brad and Ashley from Baltimore, Maryland were aboard, “The Catching One” came home with this Mako. Shark steaks are on the menu… great catch!


This Mako has some very sharp teeth and shimmered blue down his body.