Red Drum Fishing

Fishing Report: September 26, 2014

It’s Friday afternoon and finally sunny here on Chincoteague Island; the past few days we had some showers and wind. The weather for this weekend is looking good; the reports are sunny on Saturday and partly cloudy on Sunday.

Surf Reports: A couple reports of keeper size Red Drum and a few more Drum outside the slots. Baits of Choice: Mullet, Spot, Clam, and Peeler Crab. There are a lot of Bluefish in the surf and they are chasing finger mullet and other cut baits as well as squid, bloodworms, shrimp, and fishbites. Kingfish and Spot are also scattered in the surf and are biting well on Bloodworms, Shrimp, and Fishbites (especially bloodworm). Still getting reports of Sharks being caught off the surf with anglers using cut baits, finger mullet, and squid. When the surf is calm we’ve had several reports of anglers catching Flounder using bucktail rigs baited with squid, cut bait, and gulp bait. *Fishing Tip: When the surf is rough it helps to use a SPUTNIK weight; this allows the angler to use less weight and have more grab on the bottom.

The Inlet: Kingfish and Spot are being caught around the inlet, just at the mouth of the Assateague Channel. Boats drifting are having luck with Bloodworms and Fishbites; some anglers are using squid and shrimp.

Chincoteague Channel and The New Pier: Still getting reports of Flounder being caught using live minnows and silversides. A few Croakers, Kingfish, and Bluefish are being caught using bottom rigs tipped with Shrimp, Squid, Bloodworm, and Fishbites. *SEVERAL anglers reported big strikes off the new pier (they are being spooled & some large hooks were bent)

Assateague Channel: A few Flounder hanging around and biting Gulp bait and Live Minnows (White Shrimp/White Mantis Shrimp/New Penny Shrimp/and Swim Mullets)

Remember you can’t catch a fish if you don’t wet your lines. Good Luck and Tight Lines Everyone!


Luck Chucky with a Red Drum off the Assateague Surf two days ago; caught using a drum rig and cut mullet. #ChuckyIsLucky #FishinSkillz


The Blue Crabs are still hanging around this fall and plenty of anglers are catching enough for dinner. #ChickenNecks #HandLines #Bunker

Captain Steve’s Fishing Rigs:


Captain Steve’s offers both styles: East Coast Hi Low Drum Rig and a Fishfinder Drum Rig. #PeelerCrab #Bunker #Mullet #Clams


East Coast Surf Rigs w/ J-Hooks


Custom Made Shark Rigs w/ Stainless Steel leaders, Heavy Duty Snaps, Tri-Swivel, and Gamakatsu Hooks #Mackerel #Bunker #CutBait #Squid


Hand Tied Bottom Rigs w/ Circle Hooks #Shrimp #Bloodworm #Squid #Fishbites


East Coast Surf Rigs w/ Snell Hooks

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  • Spinfisher V 7500 (Long-Cast): Reliable and strong reel with a short spool designed for the distance cast, sealed drag system, and manual bail.
  • Battle II: Lighter in weight, stronger drag system, line capacity rings, and superline spool (perfect for braid).

*NEW Penn Rods:   

  • Penn Prevail 10 ft: 1-5 oz/ 20-50lb Braid/ 15-30 Mono
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  • Penn Torque 12ft: 4-10 oz/ 30-65lb Braid/ 20-40lb Mono
  • Penn Battalion 6’6ft: 1/16 – 5/8 oz/ 6-15lb Braid/ 6-12lb Mono
  • Penn Battalion 9ft: 1/2 – 2 oz/ 8-20lb Braid/ 8-15lb Mono
  • Penn Battalion 10ft: 1-5 oz/ 20-50lb Braid/ 15-30lb Mono
  • Squadron 7ft: 3/8 – 3/4 oz/ 10-30lb Braid/ 10-17lb Mono
  • Allegiance II 6’6ft: 1/16 – 5/8 oz/ 6-15lb Braid/ 6-12lb Mono
  • Regiment 7ft: 1/16 – 5/8 oz/ 6-15lb Braid/ 6-12lb Mono

*NEW Penn Combos:   

  • Penn Fierce 4000 Rod (7ft) Combo: 1/2 – 3/4 oz/ 8-17lb line
  • Penn Fierce 8000 Rod (10ft) Combo: 2-6 oz/ 20-40lb line
  • Penn Battle II 2500 Rod (7ft) Combo: 1/16-5/8oz/ 6-15lb Braid/ 6-12lb Mono
  • Penn Battle II 8000 Rod (10ft) Combo: 2-6oz/ 30-65lb Braid/ 20-40lb Mono
  • Penn Pursuit II Combo (7ft): 1/4 -1 oz/ 10-30lb Braid/ 10-17lb Mon
  • Penn Pursuit II Combo (10ft): 2-6 oz/ 30-65lb Braid/ 20-40lb Mono
  • Penn Spinfisher V Combo (10ft): 1-5oz/ 20-50lb Braid/ 15-30lb Mono
  • Penn Squall 20LW Combo (6ft): 20-50lb Braid/ 20-30lb Mono

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