May Fishing: Stripers and Black Drum are what’s happening on the shore, and there are plenty of flounder in the area.

IMG_7234Kevin, Stacey, Austin, and Savannah Glover from Taneytown, Maryland with a 34″ Striper. Austin and Savannah we look forward to seeing you next time in the store… you guys are great mates!IMG_7226Travis Weaver with a 40lb Black Drum off the Assateague Surf.  He lost a bigger one in the wash, but still had a great day of fishing.IMG_7220Wayne Bruchey of Keymar,  Maryland with the first citation flounder of the season. This whopper weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz / 26″ long. IMG_7223Greezy Grimes, Wayne Bruchely, Mike Kriemer, and Captain Bryon Etzler on the “Catching Hell” had a good day from Union Bridge, MarylandIMG_7201Salisbury George with a 33′ inch striper caught using a high low rig tipped with peeler and clam. That’s what we call a Chincoteague Buffet!IMG_7214Dave Snider with a 19′ flounder caught in the Assateague Channel using minnowsIMG_7200The Moonshiners from Toms Cove. 3-26” Black drum 1-36” Black drum and one 36” Striper.   Zach, Heather, Frank and Shirley.