Let The Weekend Begin


August 7th, 2014: Fishing Report

A lot of people are stopping by the store and asking, “Are the Flounder still biting?” The answer is, “Yes!” This time of year the Flounder are spread out around the island and tend to lay in deeper water. The cooler nights combined with the rain has numbed the bite some, but anglers are catching Flounder everyday. Best bait for Flounder fishing around the islands are live minnows and gulp bait, but anglers are also using squid, smelt, bunker, bloodworm, and finger mullet. Stop by Captain Steve’s and let our staff hook you up with some of our best rigs.

Fun Fun Fun! Croakers are here and in the words of the Turtle Man we’ve got “Live Action!” If you are in a boat all you have to do is drift with a bottom rig using smaller hooks with prime baits such as blood worms, squid, shrimp, or our artificial fishbites (Flavors: Squid, Blood worm, Shrimp, Crab, and Clam) and or Gulp Blood worms. Croakers are also being caught from the new Town Pier, Memorial Park, and off of almost any dock around the island. For your convenience Captain Steve’s offers pre-rigged East Coast Surf and Bay Rigs and all you need to do is add the weight.

We’ve said it once and we are gonna keep saying it, “SHARKS!” Anglers are catching them everywhere and this includes the surf, bay, channels, and creeks. These fish are mostly for sport and you need to carefully review the limitations before throwing one of these guys… or girls in your cooler. Captain Steve’s offers a custom clamped Shark rig with stainless steel wire and our very popular Gamakatsu hooks. They are topped with a tri-swivel and a heavy duty snap, therefore you can hook up your rig and add a weight in order to begin fishing right away! Best bait by far is mackerel (they are nice and oily and that is key) and anglers are also using Bunker, Bluefish, Live or Cut Croakers, and Squid. Captain Steve’s also carries plenty of Bunker Chum and Clam Chum, and in the famous words of of Mr. Tom, “We have these Chums 25 hours a day.”

Wreck Fishing is producing nice fat Flounder and Black Sea Bass. Triggers and Spades have faded out mostly, but a few trips are producing some Triggers. Captain Steve’s sells the very popular Spro Bucktail jigs and we have a large variety of colors and sizes; they are equipped with Gamakatsu hooks. Clam chum, Squid, and Salted Sea Clams are also popular around the wrecks, and Captain Steve’s has a large variety of hooks for all fishing purposes.

Anglers are still reporting Black Drum and Sheepshead arounds the pilings. The trick is to find any old structure such as bridges or pilings that have barnacles attached and that’s where the fish are. These fish prefer crustaceans so you need to use peeler crab, shrimp, sand fleas, or mollusks.

Our local anglers are spotting Red Drum in the bay and we are hoping to have another great fall for surf fishing. We look forward to seeing everyone at Captain Steve’s.

Tight Lines Everyone!



Ms. Jeanne Gonzoph is getting ready to cook some dinner for Captain Rich. #ThisLadyKnowsWhatShesDoing


Jim Baumgartner from High Bridge New Jersey, Rob Parker from Zainesville Ohio, and Chris Waltersftom from White Hall Maryland had a great day on the wrecks with Sea Bass, Flounder, and a Trigger Fish with Captain John aboard the “Huntress.” #CaptainJohnIsOnTheFish


Wade Martin caught this beautiful spread of fish in the Chincoteague Bay. #WhatTimeIsDinnerWadeWinkWink


Nader from Pennsylvania with his very first Flounder! #LovingYourShortsNader

little_lady2 little_lady

This little lady goes by the name of Alley and she is clearly on the Croakers and Flounder. #AlleyWearsCoolShadesAndCatchesLotsOfFish

keyton_2 keyton_1

Keyton came into Captain Steve’s and was telling me all about his Bass he caught in Pennsylvania, and then he came to Chincoteague and also caught Flounder. #KeytonIsABassMasterAndFlounderSlayer


Connie Wright from Northeast North Carolina (and is now a “come here” in Chincoteague Virginia) caught this Flounder in the Assateague Channel just before dark using White Gulp Shrimp. #CarolinaGirlsKnowHowToFish

kingfish_rig kingfish_rig3

Captain Steve’s stocks East Coast Surf and Bay rigs for fishing Kingfish (whiting), Croakers, Snapper, Bluefish, Pompano, Blowfish, Oyster Crackers, and Spot. You hook the rig on a snap swivel and add the weight… that’s it! Stop by the store and let us set you up. Best Bait: Blood worm, Shrimp, Squid, and artificials suchs as Fishbites (Flavors:


These beautiful hand tied rigs equipped with circle hooks are used for catching small to medium fish including: Kingfish (whiting), Croakers, Snapper, Bluefish, Pompano, Blowfish, Oyster Crackers, and Spot. Similar to our other rigs, you add this rig to a snap swivel, clip on your weight, and add bait. #SimpleRigsForYourFishingNeeds


Our custom clamped Captain Steve’s shark rigs have a stainless steel wire leader, tri-swivel, heavy duty snap, and Gamakatsu hooks. For an angler’s preference Captain Steve’s stocks both the J-hook style and circle hook style, and they are packaged here in the store. #SharkFishingIsOnFire #Mackerel #Bunker