Chinctoeague Fishing Report Striped Bass Trophy Season

It is that time of year again our Virginia Striped Bass Trophy Season starts today May 1st through May 15th go here and apply for the FREE permit

This allows you to keep a striped bass for the first 15 days of May and report it within 2 weeks.  The striped bass and black drum fishing is continuously getting better as we usually hit its peak in the middle of this month.  Make sure to vary your cast as a lot of times these fish come in close to feed.  We have in fresh bait consistently live peelers, fresh bunker, bloodworms, minnows etc..  Below are some of the recent catches from our Chincoteague Beach.  Enjoy !


Imre with a nice striper caught and released on the last day of April !  Nice catch #stripedbass


Huntress Chartes at it again with Darryl and Rusty 5 keepers in the bay #flounder #fluke #dinner20160424_180617

Mr. Curtis with a nice black drum off the Chincoteague Surf20160425_075141

Joe had a great day with his first and second black drum off the Chincoteague Surf


Egrets on the loose  20160430_074654

New Calcutta Ramblers 20 ounce stainless steel cups greatly insulated for hot or cold20160430_095742

Mr. Bruce for sticked up by Anastasia and Luciana and got talked into playing Old Maidc6480e08-b713-4a60-a9c0-007ed83e956b

Chris Fritz with a nice black drum off the Chincoteague Surfd03d795f-17c4-4f06-ae37-a4cf9168877a

Nice striped bass 40” just a few days to early to keep but it is also nice releasing a big fish to be caught again 🙂


Ike Swart, John Harke, Mrk Julian, and Capt. Josh had a good day off the surf with 2 nice drum and a nice striped bass!

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Xristos Anesti.  Some family church pictures from this weekend! #orthodoxeaster #2016