Chincoteague Report little blues some kings and occasional redfish…





Pickerel Bob’s wife Cindy outfishes him on the surf with this nice flounder caught on a gulp doubletail mullet.


Inshore report 9/18/14  A couple keeper flounder have been caught this week off the new Downtown Pier along with snapper blues, king fish, and small sea bass.  Thursday night we had a local bring in a 8/0 shark hook that no longer looked like a hook something straightened it out off the pier.  It will be interesting to see if anyone brings in a big one this weekend.

Along the Assateague CHannel we have had some spot showing up using small hooks with bloodworms/squid.  Still an array of flounder a lot of smaller ones but if you are patient you can pull in a few keepers.  One of the store friends had 2 keepers off a dock on S. Main and lost the “big” one  we hope for a good weekend TIght lines !


Chuck Carter aboard the Shammy with Capt. Glen Clawsen with a citation wahoo and some nice mahi too.floundernathan  IMG_8116 IMG_8132

Dave Snyder with a nice flounder 19” caught in the Chincoteague Bay.maricio

Mauricio caught a 36″ sand shark with a new Penn Battle reel purchased at Captain Steves.


Mauricio Jr caught his first Shark.   Great fightsharkdad

David had no problem biting the biter.  All sharks were safely released to get bigger into the Ocean.nathanbluefish nathanshark

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