Chincoteague Fishing report through mid May


2015 Flounder Tournament Standings as of 5-15-15 4:30pm
1. Jay Staniszewski 4lb 13oz
2. Ray Fogle 4lb 13oz
2.Jeff Walker 4lb 10oz
4. Ron Stull 4lb 07oz
5. Ralph Brown 4lb 5 oz
6. Chris Martin 4lb 4oz
7. Lin Ekinrode 4lb 2 oz
8. Brian Etzler 4lb 2oz
9. Erika Martin 4lb 0oz
10. Fred Green 3lb 10oz


Annie with a striper caught off the surf using captain steves high low rigs tipped with peeler crab and fish bites.IMG_8783

Ryan Beckley with a nice striper.

IMG_8778 Gary, Dakota, Greg, and Dennis with 4 nice striper off the surf with 2 releases.



Melvin Marshall with a 39″ striper off the surf


Chris Bowden  and Christopher Bowden of chincoteague with 2 striper off the surf.IMG_8771 John Klish, Chris Klish, Matthew Delengoviski fishin with captain Rich Gonzoph with 3 flounder on a windy day.

IMG_8768 Tyler and Brent with a 36″ and 40″ stripier off the surf.IMG_8767 Barb with a striper.IMG_8766

Papa Louie and Barb with a nice striper

.IMG_8763 Bill Martin and Brian Martin checking in 2 striper before the flounder bite

IMG_8761 Chara Whittemore, Jess Whittemore, David whittemore, and Tyler Benson with a great striper run on the surf.


Brandon Rowland and Jim Grubbs with a 36.5 inch striper and a black drum caught off the Assateague SurfIMG_8706 Paul and Russ Masker from NJ with a big striper.IMG_8701 Paul with a nice trophy striper.IMG_8695 Dee with a nice black drum caught off the beach. IMG_8691 Jason with a 36 lb drum off the surf. IMG_8681Jean and Fred with two nice stripers and a black drum caught off the surf.

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