Fishing Update and pictures leading into Memorial Day 2015

Wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all of our service men and women!

The fishing continues to go good here off the surf with some nice striper and black drum. The smaller fish have started to roll in as well with a few Kingfish, blowfish, and some chomper blues. For the blues your best rig is the finger mullet rigs. Our most productive striper and drum has been the Captain Steve’s East Coast high low rigs.


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Bennie and Dustin Woodhurst get into the Striper action this morning.


Ray from Harrisonburg with a big rock off the surf this afternoon.IMG_0242

Chris T. with another rock


Joe with a 43” striped bass




Mr. Bill was giving fishing lessons here ending up with 4 striped bass and 2 releases 37” 39”IMG_8912



Bill Holland with a 20+ lb striper off the Assateague surf.IMG_8914


Jeff Granger from Erie PA.

Sunrise Striper took a peeler/crabbites on a Capt. Steve’s High Low Rig.

May Fishing Photos last couple of days…

John Klish won the 2015 Flounder Tournament with a 5.10 pound flounder. It was a great tournament and we appreciate all those who participated. Thanls again for another great tournament here at Capt. Steve’s!

1. John Klish 5 lb. 10 oz.
2. Jay Staniszewski 4lb 13oz
3. Ray Fogle 4lb 13oz
4. Matt Orshaw 4 Lb. 12 Oz.
5. Jeff Walker 4 Lbs. 10 Oz
6. Ron Stull 4lb 07oz
7. Ralph Brown 4lb 5 oz
8. Chris Martin 4lb 4oz
9. Lisa Stern 4 lbs. 4 oz.
10. Randy Kline 4lb 3 oz

IMG_8902 (Small)

Richard Brady from Flint Hill VA with a 20 pound striper off the surf.

IMG_8805 (Small) IMG_8796 (Small)

The Martin brothers at it again with these early morning stripers off the surf.

IMG_8892 (Small)IMG_8894 (Small)

Nick Dartoozos and Pat Hanson with a 13 and 12 pound black drum.IMG_8875 (Small)

Chris McManus fishing with uncle Lee today at Assateague with a 12 pound black drum off the Assateague VA Surf ‪#‎firstblackdrum‬‪#‎familybeachtrip‬

IMG_8899 (Small)

Larry Avara from Baltimore Md. with a 17 pound black drum caught off the surf.IMG_8871 (Small)

Bryan Lilly with a 26 pound striper and a 10 pound black drum off the surf using crab bite for the striper and peeler for the drum

IMG_8829 (Small)  IMG_8819 (Small) IMG_8804 (Small)

IMG_8801 (Small)

Chris Holler and crew with a limit of rock the biggest striped bass off the surf weighed in at 39 pounds.IMG_8781 (Small)

Ted Basetti with a nice rock!

IMG_8885 (Small)IMG_8883 (Small)

Frank V, Frank III, and 4 with a black drum off the surf.IMG_8816 (Small)

Mickey Tyrell and Joe Thornton with a 22 pound striper off the surf

IMG_8874 (Small)

Jimmy from Md. with a nice black drum off P1 in the Assateague Surf.IMG_8818 (Small)

Lisa Stern with this 4.4 pound flounder good enough for 9th place in our 2015 flounder tournament.IMG_8837 (Small)

Ardythe and Clint at it again with some NICE fish!IMG_8824 (Small)

IMG_8861 (Small)

Hunter with a nice flounder brought in recently.IMG_8880 (Small)

Matt Ezrins gets into the black drum action.IMG_8798 (Small)

Mike E. from NoVa has been hot recently off the Assateague Surf.

IMG_8853 (Small)IMG_8856 (Small)

Capt. Rich Gonzoph and tournament winner John Klish.IMG_8895 (Small)

Anthony Pioli with a 80 pound black drum off the surf on a barrier island. IMG_8795 (Small)  IMG_8872 (Small) IMG_8817 (Small)

Richard Prior with a black drum caught on a striper day.IMG_8890 (Small)

Randy Kline brought in this 4.3 the last day of the tournament to edge into 10th place. IMG_8859 (Small) IMG_8876 (Small) IMG_8864 (Small)

Matt Orshaw with his 4th place fish 4.12 !IMG_8839 (Small)

Frank with his first striper brought in off the Assateague Surf.IMG_8850 (Small) IMG_8866 (Small) IMG_8846 (Small)

Joseph with his first ever black drum.

IMG_8867 (Small)

Valter with another black drum!

IMG_8843 (Small) IMG_8811 (Small) IMG_8808 (Small)  IMG_8814 (Small) IMG_8878 (Small) IMG_8813 (Small)

Barb and Papa Louie have been doing well this Spring with some nice stripers caught off Capt. Steve’s High Low Rigs! #CaptStevesRigsIMG_8807 (Small)

JD and DANGER Drasbek from Great Falls VA with a nice striper off the surf!  #danger #striper

Chincoteague Fishing report through mid May


2015 Flounder Tournament Standings as of 5-15-15 4:30pm
1. Jay Staniszewski 4lb 13oz
2. Ray Fogle 4lb 13oz
2.Jeff Walker 4lb 10oz
4. Ron Stull 4lb 07oz
5. Ralph Brown 4lb 5 oz
6. Chris Martin 4lb 4oz
7. Lin Ekinrode 4lb 2 oz
8. Brian Etzler 4lb 2oz
9. Erika Martin 4lb 0oz
10. Fred Green 3lb 10oz


Annie with a striper caught off the surf using captain steves high low rigs tipped with peeler crab and fish bites.IMG_8783

Ryan Beckley with a nice striper.

IMG_8778 Gary, Dakota, Greg, and Dennis with 4 nice striper off the surf with 2 releases.



Melvin Marshall with a 39″ striper off the surf


Chris Bowden  and Christopher Bowden of chincoteague with 2 striper off the surf.IMG_8771 John Klish, Chris Klish, Matthew Delengoviski fishin with captain Rich Gonzoph with 3 flounder on a windy day.

IMG_8768 Tyler and Brent with a 36″ and 40″ stripier off the surf.IMG_8767 Barb with a striper.IMG_8766

Papa Louie and Barb with a nice striper

.IMG_8763 Bill Martin and Brian Martin checking in 2 striper before the flounder bite

IMG_8761 Chara Whittemore, Jess Whittemore, David whittemore, and Tyler Benson with a great striper run on the surf.


Brandon Rowland and Jim Grubbs with a 36.5 inch striper and a black drum caught off the Assateague SurfIMG_8706 Paul and Russ Masker from NJ with a big striper.IMG_8701 Paul with a nice trophy striper.IMG_8695 Dee with a nice black drum caught off the beach. IMG_8691 Jason with a 36 lb drum off the surf. IMG_8681Jean and Fred with two nice stripers and a black drum caught off the surf.

Chincoteague Fishing Report05-13-2016



Chincoteague Fishing Report

This week the blue crabs have started moving in. The beach has been hot for Black Drum and Striped Bass, there was even a 20 lb Blue Fish caught in the surf. The Snapper Blues are hitting too. Capt Steve’s Flounder Tournament is running with the leader being Jay Staniszewski with a 4lb 13oz Flounder. There is still time to come on down and sign up for the Flounder Tournament until Sunday May 17th. Hope to see y’all soon.


Mrs. Jean and Mr. Fred with two nice rockfish and one drum off the surf.


Ted Basetti with a black drum. You can find Ted giving advice and smoking a cigar and IMG_8688

Alex and Kayla with their first rockfish of the season


Mike Haugh with a nice black drum.


Jason and Dakota Summers fishing with Gary Harmison with a 34 lb black drum and two other  black drum.


Mrs. Dee from Baltimore with a 45lb black drum.


Yesterday mornings catch one striper and three black drum.


Jersey Rich with a nice size striper.


Mrs. Dee out fishes Kenny


Jeff Kirk with a nice straper taken off the Assateague Surf.


Frank, Steve, and Gary limiting out on the surf with Stripers and Black Drum. They even had a few they released.

Great Surf Fishing Come in and get hooked up Some nice flounder too!


Yes Captain at it again with some nice flatties!


Capt. Bob Linker puts a flounder on the tournament leader board.




Tom from Lancaster, PA with one nice striper and 1 nice drum off the Assateague Surf.IMG_8629

Glenn looking good with his beutiful date hanging out at Capt. Steve’s.


A few friends from the Cove with 2 nice flounder in the 2015 tourney.


Team Dan and Anne hooked up with these nice stripers and a drum off the surf.



another limit of fish brought in Hanging out at Capt. Steve’s


Frank H. with some respectable fish!


Steve Shoemaker with 2 nice flounder aboard the Shark.


Adam Vincz with the biggest blue taken off the surf this year at 20 POUNDS!!  Bigger than LucianaIMG_8651

Grg with 3 keeper flounder.


Another successful charter fishing with Capt. John aboard Huntress Charters.


The surf is hot right now would be an understatement The Martin borthers Bill and Brian  & Yvonne cleaned up this day 2 stripers 3 drum and a nice blue too.IMG_8659 IMG_8662

Here is one proud papa Imre kid’s hooked up their first striped bass off the surf.  Nicolet and Adam casted and reeled in these 2 nice rock Eric’s was 45” and Nicolet’s was 39”


Jersey Rich gets into the drum action they had 4 black drum all in the 30 pound class range!


Heather and Zech continue their hot streak with 2 drum and a big striper caught off the Assateague SurfIMG_8669

Jay is the current leader with this 4.13 pound flounderIMG_8671

Mike Conlin with a keeper flounder


Larry and Greg with 1 striper and 2 drum!


John Sipple and crew with 5 keeper flounder.


Tom with a nice black drum off the surf


Connie’s Mother’s Day bluefish fishing with Dogfish Frank.


Happy Mothers Day 2015


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  We have some good fishing mom’s here at Capt. Steve’s   Pictured above is Mrs. Jean with her 3.9 pound flounder.


Current Standings are

Jay Staniszewski 4.13 pounds

Ralph Brown 4.5

Chris Martin 4.4

Lin Ekinrode 4.2

Brian Etzler 4.2

Fred Green  3.10

Jean Valasco 3.9

Rich Gonzoph 3.8

Bob Linker  3.6

Brian Etzer 3.4


IMG_8601Jess and Chara with 2 black drum and a nice striped bass caught off the surf!IMG_8602IMG_8608 IMG_8610

Jean and Fred with one big rock and 2 nice black drum too.  Guess who caught most of the fish?  Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Jean!IMG_8613 IMG_8614

Black Drum, Stripers, and a few flounder midweek

Reminder:  Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday take her fishing!

We are getting to full swing as the tournament is started and the surf action continues to get better with some great catches.  We have been busy getting in fresh bait our minnows have been the biggest of the year.  Pro tire deflators are back in stock; you can tune in the PSI screw them onto your valve and it works like magic.  Our tournamnet shirts and the newest 2015 Guy Harvey shirt just arrived today too.  Stop on in and let our family help your get hooked up.



Garrett Daisey of Chincoteague with a nice flounder he hooked and released this fish alone!  Great Job Garrett he will be doing this for years to come


Bill Mears hitting the surf and being productive once again this time with a nice striper he caught 2 twins at 39”  one released.  IMG_8511

Big Fish are around check these out come on in get geared up and get hooked up…IMG_8513 IMG_8516Papa Louie is usually reeling in flounder, he decided to switch it up a bit and was rewarded with this nice size black drum.


Brett and Tyler get into the black drum action with these nice fish.IMG_8519

Bill the Mailman with a 35 pound black drum taken off the Assateague VA surf caught on peeler crab.IMG_8523Check out this crew with their limit Rick, Brandon, RJ, Conor, Rich from Baltimore with their limit of black drum off the Assateague VA surf!


Heather was the lucky angler with a 39 inch 22 pound striper as Zech, Frank, and Shirley watched :)IMG_8525

Celestine outfished her husband once again with a striper caught at Saxis.


Larry  Lower with a 29” black drumIMG_8527

Brian with a nice drum caught off the surf this afternoon.IMG_8528

Jeff’s big fish 43” 50 pounder black drum surf club off Assateague VA surf!IMG_8533 IMG_8535

Lady Luck fishig with Freddie T. with a nice class of fish from the Assateague Surf.IMG_8536

Day 1 tournament leader 20” IMG_8538

Bill has had a good streak off the beach he went this evening and hooked in to a 34” striper on his first cast then again on his last cast a nice black drum.  Keep up the good fishing and go catch some flounder!




Weekend Wrap Up Early May Bite…



RJ Lewis Baltimore, Md. May 4, 2010   w Black Drum a Birthday Drum for this Young Angler !


Imre B. with one of the first trophy fish of the year off the Assateague VA surf!IMG_8488

Frank H. caught this black drum off the surf right before the Talladega Race #24 didn’t have the luck of Frank today.IMG_8490

Tom Szalus, Bert Kern and Vince DeBari from Pt Pleasant NJ members of the Bay Head Shores Fishing Club had a good Sunday fishing aboard Huntress Charters with Capt. John.  We book fishing charters and cruises with the best Captains on the Island stop on in call and we will get you set up!


Nathan R. once again helping people get hooked up on the surf Mr. Wayne McCrossin caught the fish as Tumpy watched!IMG_8494

Norman with a big flounder caught at Queen Sound

IMG_8496 IMG_8499

Valter and Matt Ezrins with a tag team effort on this black drum caught off the Assateague Surf.IMG_8503

Ardythe and clint with a beautiful striper caught off the Assateague Surf Sunday afternoon.


Gene and Jason with a nice black drum caught on a mod ff rig!


Early Morning always a good time on the beach.IMG_8480


Jason and I with a couple of drum and a smoothdog


Bill Mears with a black drum caught off the surf in a recent outting.


Joe at it again this time with a smaller drum caught off the beach.


Rick V with a 41” striper caught off th surf Sunday afternoon he had 3 stripers with 2 releases.  It’s trophy season so you can only keep 1 @ 36” and above Great job Rick!


Rick’s 1st drum of this season hopefully many more to come!

Midweek Report leading up to Seafood Fest Weekend

It is finally Spring and we are back at it here at the shop open every day at 7 AM.  We are well stocked up with the largest selection of fishing tackle and all the bait you could possibly need.  Come in and check out our custom tied rigs, we have both surf and bay rigs which are proven to be productive.  Along with the most helpful staff come on in and let our family help you get hooked up!

A few cahnges to the trophy season for this year on the seaside (surf anglers)  May 1st – May 15th is trophy season which means you need to sign up for the free fisherman trophy season click on link to get yours  In other news our upcoming flounder tournament is less than a week away come on in and sign up!  It is going to be another great tournament and turnout look forward to seeing everyone.  Here is a link to sign up online or print it our and bring it into the shop



Capt. Mike and Mr. Ralph with another limit of flounder using Capt. Steve’s minnows and shiners!IMG_9618

Brandi Farr and Dallas Miles April 27th fishing aboard the Island Queen with Capt. Charlie Koski.  If you are coming down and want to get out fishing we book fishing charters and nature cruises too.


This nice black drum caught off of seaclams off the Assateague Surf.IMG_8418

Gene Brite with a nice drum off the Assateague Surf caught on peeler at high tide.IMG_8416

Zach Jester with a 25 # turkey IMG_8410

45pnd strper


Jimmy and Joe, Joe got the big fish!!



beautiful wildlife at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge!




Weekend wrap up black drum and flounder too

We have fresh bunker brought in Sunday afternoon!  Big mud minnows in stock gt out there and catch some flounder!  Stop on in and stock up on all your fishing needs also we got in some more of our Capt. Steve’s T-shirts with some cool designs stripers, bluecrab, and flounder too.



David Reynold and Nathan with a three and a half pound bluefish caught at Memorial Park using squid.  It is always great to see 3 generations fishing together forever building memories here on Chincoteague island.


Here is a 30 # black drum caught off the surf this weekend by Chuck Gosnell Luciana liked the fish!2sWPr

Mr. Allen with a 19 pound black drum back from Florida catching fish once again!wKpgP

Chris Hollar with a 19 pound turkey he got onn Satuday


Josh Barfield with his first black drum off the Assateague Surf


Jeff Rippeon John Rippeon Steve Ross Robert toms with their limit of flounder with the largest weighing in at 6 pounds and 13 ouncesIMG_8397

Timmy Brashears, Brian Brashears Randy Stein with 11 flounder avoid the Kallie B


Mike Brashears, Zach Shaffer, and Chris Brashears with some more Chincoteague Flounder aboard the Duck Down!


Paul Kleckner with his firsst limit of the season in his first day out using Captain Steve’s Minnows!IMG_8403


MSamarai Mike caught a couple of black drum this past weekend great job!IMG_8405


Mr. Ralph with another great catch from the Assateague Channel

ngEtT f5d6T 33O78 fJaL3

Imre with a great Sunday with a nice black drum and a striped bass release fishing the Assateague Surf.  He is glad to get back to Chincoteague and back to catching after a long winter let the Spring run begin.  The striped bass trophy season comes in this Friday so get ready for hopefully another great run.  Things are looking up the dogwoods are blooming and the black drum are bitin.