Who’s Ready To Fish??



AHOY! Captain in training, Luciana (Jimmy’s daughter), is beginning to learn the water just like the rest of her family. Are you interested in a fun trip for your family? Fun trips are for families that want to learn more about fishing around Chincoteague Island; often anglers will clam, fish, watch dolphin, and more. Stop by the store and ask our staff about the Chincoteague Experience Trips.

Fishing Report: September 15, 2014

The weather here on the island is nice and cool in the mornings and evenings and warm in the middle of the day. You might enjoy relaxing on the beach in the afternoon (bring a jacket just in case) and roasting a hot dog over a nice fire or walking over to one of our local ice cream shops and enjoying a sweet treat with the family. No matter your vacation mission; it’s time to fish, it’s time to relax, it’s time to stop by Captain Steve’s, and it’s time for some fun!

Inlet and Surf: Anglers are catching Kingfish, Bluefish, and a few Croakers and baits of choice are: Bloodworm, Squid, and Bloodworm Fishbites.  Reports of Sharks and Rays caught using cut baits, mackerel, and squid. A few Flounder are being caught off the surf using bucktails, cut bait, and blood worms. A few Red Drum were caught off the surf using fresh finger mullet and spots.

Channels: Kingfish and Croakers still hanging around the channel; anglers having the most success with bloodworm and fishbites (Flavors: bloodworm, squid, and shrimp). Scattered reports of Flounder and baits of choice are: cut bait, silversides, and gulp bait.

See You All Soon! Tight Lines Everyone.


John Siewny with a nice catch of Kingfish (whiting) and Croaker caught near the inlet using bloodworm and bloodworm fishbites. #GreatTastingFish


Curtis and Derek from Washington DC caught two very nice Flounder and a bunch of Kingfish in the Assateague Channel and the inlet. They chartered a trip with Captain John aboard the Huntress Charters. #BroughtHomeTheBacon


Mr. Ralph with a puffer fish caught off the docks in the Assateague Channel. Careful ladies… he’s married. #Fishbites #Bloodworm


Nate with a 25 inch sandshark caught off the new pier using squid. #nightfishing


Debbie, Cindy, Reyer, and Cole from Pennsylvania enjoyed some nice family time while crabbing on Assateague Island. #CaughtSomeKeepersToo #TeachingKidsTheBasics


Sarahsuh from Virginia spent all afternoon crabbing on Assateague Island. This lady angler fished harder than anyone else I saw all weekend.


Travis Wright with a ray caught in the Chincoteague Channel. #LongTail

capt_pablo_wahoo brian_eric_wahoo_albacore

Captain Pablo, Eric, and Brian from Chatham Massachusetts, aboard the Donna Jean II, caught a 61 inch Wahoo and nice Albacore Tuna offshore. #GoRedSox #Beantownies


We’ve posted this sample pic before, but we have a lot of inquiries about Red Drum rigs and these are two of our most popular. On the left we have an East Coast High Low Rig with 5/O circle hooks and on the right a Fishfinder rig with a 7/O J-Hook complete with two different style weights. Baits of choice are: Bunker, Finger Mullet, Spot, Peeler Crab, Shrimp, Bloodworm, and Clam.


September 11th Memorial


September 11th Memorial

Captain Steve’s would like to take the time to remember all those that are no longer with us, and send our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends that lost loved ones on September 11th. There is never enough appreciation for all those that serve our nation as US service members, firemen, policemen, medical response teams, and all the other jobs out there that civilians depend on everyday. All the staff at Captain Steve’s says thank you and may God bless this great nation.

The Rain Stopped – Let’s Go Fishing!!!


The Fishing Report: September 10, 2014

We had a couple days of rain here on the island, but that didn’t stop some anglers from going out to fishing. Today the sun is out and several vacationers and locals stopped by the store to pick up bait.

Do you have your beach cart yet? Stop by the store and let our staff show you some of the accessories that will complete your setup. We also supply hitches to the carts so that anglers can attach them to the back of their vehicle. Carts are large and small and we stock aluminum carts and steel tube carts with both rubber tires and pneumatic tires. Fall fishing is almost here and sometimes these carts are an angler’s best friend.

Ready to pick out that new surf rod? Captain Steve’s carries a very large selections of rods and reels for all types of fishing. Ask about some of our favorites: Star Rods (9ft/10ft/11ft/12ft) , TICA rods, Penn Torque (conventional and spinning), Penn Prevails, and Team Daiwa (9ft/10ft/11ft/12ft).

OffShore: Several citations and reports of White Marlins caught and released near the Washington Canyons, several Mahi Mahi from the parking lot and lumpy bottom, and Tuna have scattered reports. Stop by Captain Steve’s and grab your butterfish, ballyhoo (small, medium, horse, rigged, and select), and sardines.

Assateague Surf: Early morning bites include Kingfish, Bluefish, and a few Spot and Croaker. Anglers are still catching several Sharks and Rays. Baits of choice: Bloodworm, Shrimp, Squid, Mackerel, Finger Mullet, Cob Mullet, Bunker, Peeler Crab, and Sandfleas. *Also ask our staff how you can best use Fishbites to your advantage

Assateague Channel: Consistently the Blue Crab are still producing good numbers of catch in this area; all the little canals and creeks off the channel are especially doing well. Boaters drifting are still catching Croakers and a few Flounder. Baits of Choice: Live Minnows, Gulp Bait, Shrimp, Squid, and Bloodworms.

The Wrecks: Anglers are still catching limits of Flounder and Black Seabass. Black Seabass goes out September 18th and then Tautog begins September 20th.

The New Town Pier: Scattered reports of Croakers and Spot as well as a few reports of nice Flounder. Anglers are using Fishbites (Shrimp, Squid, Bloodworm, and Crab), bloodworm, shrimp, and squid and also finger mullet and mackerel. We’ve had anglers losing their poles from big fish striking and several anglers were spooled. *Captain Steve’s stocks bridge nets for those that are pier fishing.

Chincoteague Channel and The Queen Sound: The Flounder are still hanging around in the Channel; we’ve had several reports of anglers catching keeper sized Flounder. They are biting silversides, live minnows, cut bait, and Gulp bait. Several reports of nice sized Croakers in addition to Sharks and Rays. Black Drum and Sheepshead are still being caught around pilings, bridges, and old structures. Angler’s are using crab, sand fleas, and shrimp (we also recommend using clam, crab, or shrimp bites with your live bait).

Good Luck and Tight Lines Everyone!


Lin Bock from Chincoteague Virginia aboard the “Lucky Dog” came home with three Mahi and a White Marlin. Ms. Lin really knows how to bring home dinner. #LadyAnglersRock


Conner from Shippensburg Pennsylvania went out fishing with Chris Martin and caught his first Flounder. #BuckTails #GulpBait #Dinner


Chris from Pennsylvania showing off his Flounder skills; good to have you and the family back down for a while. When is dinner buddy?


Daniel Sahakian submitted this photo of a Sand Shark caught off the Assateague Surf. #NiceCatch #NightFishing

trav_connie rulas_sheepshead

Travis and Connie Wright from Northeast North Carolina (currently living on Chincoteague Island) joined by Ms. Rula of Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle caught two Black Drum and a Sheepshead in the Chincoteague Channel. The Black Drum weighing in over 11 lbs and the Sheepshead at 4 lbs. #Sandfleas #ClamFishBites.

rubber_tire  cart_accessories beach_carts

Do you have your beach cart yet? Small and Large Carts available (aluminum and steel).


Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle has a large variety of surf rods.

The Weather is Warm… Ok Hot!



It’s HOT on the Island

It’s Saturday, and honestly today felt more like 4th of July weekend with less traffic. The weather is beautiful and everyone is soaking up the sun and heading outdoors every chance available. The cool breeze in the afternoon allows everyone downtime from the sun and chance to bike, walk, jog, fish, crab, and do some outside grilling. Let’s face it, Chincoteague Virginia is a beautiful place.

Fishing Report: September 6, 2014

Surf Fishing: Reports off the beach are promising and we like what we are hearing. Early morning continues to report Kingfish, scattered Croaker, scattered Spot, Bluefish, a few Flounder, Sharks, Rays, and a couple of Red Drum. Recommended baits: Blood worm, Squid, Shrimp, Finger Mullet, Peeler Crab, Sandfleas, Mullet Fillet, Bunker Fillet, Gulp Bloodworms, and Fishbites (Squid, Clam, Crab, and Bloodworm). *Mackerel is best when fishing for Sharks.

Creeks, Channels, and Bay: Scattered Croakers and Flounder, Kingfish, Sharks, Rays, and a few Spot. Also, we are still having a few reports of Black Drum and Sheepshead. Baits Recommended: Blood worm, Squid, Shrimp, Finger Mullet, Peeler Crab, Sandfleas, Mullet Fillet, Bunker Fillet, Gulp Bloodworms, and Fishbites (Squid, Clam, Crab, and Bloodworm). *We recommend using live minnows and Gulp bait for Flounder (Gulp Flavors: Hot Pink Mullet, White Mullet, White Shrimp, and Penny Shrimp)

The New Pier: Reports are good off the new pier. Several reports of Sharks, lots of Croakers, Oyster Toads, scattered Flounder, and a couple of Red Drum. Baits Recommended: Mackerel and Cut Bait for Sharks, Peeler Crab and Sandfleas for Red Drum, and Bloodworm, Squid, Shrimp, and Fishbites for Croaker

The Assateague Surf Drive On is now open! Check out some of our new products at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you at Captain Steve’s. Tight Lines Everyone!


Assateague Channel Sunset


Greg lives here on Chincoteague Island and definitely found a hole for the Sheepshead. This fish weighed in at 7.25lbs. #SandfleasForBait


Joe I and Joe II Chafardon were joined by Logan Umbrell and Scott Shelly on the “Rod Buster” for some offshore action. These boys came home with some beautiful Mahi Mahi, Black Seabass, and an Albacore. #GreatTastinFish


Bill Martin one of our faithful customers was kind enough to bring his early morning catch by the store for a quick photo. His catch included a Flounder, a couple of Kingfish, and a nice Bluefish. #CutBait


Tom Jurkiewicz from Northern Virginia with a nice Spot caught off the surf this morning. He also caught some Kingfish, Bluefish, and a Ray. #PanFish


Camo Costa Sunglasses


New Penn Beanies


Polarized Native Sunglasses


Ladies Calcutta Sunglasses and Hat

September 4, 2014

Fishing Report: September 4, 2014

A faithful customer and good friend of Captain Steve’s made this video for us. We would like to give a big thanks to John Woody and invite all of our other friends and customers to take a look and enjoy: http://vimeo.com/m/104761094


The weather is beautiful here on Chincoteague and Assateague Island and every afternoon the sky is different; pictured above are the Assateague Seashore and the Chincoteague Channel. #islandlife #loveourhome


John and Billie fresh off the boat with Captain Kenny aboard the “Nothing Fancy” Charters and limited out with Flounder and a nice Croaker. #FishingSuccess


Captain Steve Shoemaker aboard the “Pilgrim” brought in two Mahi Mahi. #dinner


Captain Steve Shoemaker with a nice Spade fish. #TheseGuysLoveClam


Captain Steve Shoemaker with a nice Black Drum caught aboard the “Pilgrim.” #CoolVisor


Teresa fishing with Captain Steve Shoemaker aboard the “Pilgrim” with a nice black drum. #LadyAnglerBringingHomeDinner


Captain Tom Fouce, Brian Buckman, and Charlie Harshman from the Frederick MSSA Chapter limited out on flounder, biggest weighing in at 5 pounds, drifting the trolley cars. #limitedoutfishing


Tony, Jack, and Cody aboard the “Magic Dragon” with a pretty White Marlin. #sporty


BRAND NEW from Penn! Anglers can buy the Battle II here at Captain Steve’s. #lightweight #moredrag


Do you have your tire buddy? The drive on is open and everyone will save time and energy using this automatic deflator. You set the pressure and let your buddy do all the work.


Jersey worked hard all summer long greeting everyone at the store… now she’s taking in the sun and enjoying this beautiful weather. #GreatEater #VerySweet

Labor Day Weekend!!


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Well folks can you believe we are saying goodbye to summer and approaching the fall…neither can we! This summer was great and we couldn’t ask for better weather and we’ve had a blast fishing. Captain Steve’s would like to wish all of our young anglers good luck as they go back to school, and give a big shout out to all the teachers who spend their days educating young minds.

Labor Day Weekend is here and anglers are piling in the store asking lots of questions and we always do our best to get anglers the best information we can. Everyone wants to know are the fish still biting? The answer is YES, YES, and YES! Our season is definitely switching, but if anglers will fish the tide and time of day with the right bait you are sure to real in a fish. So here’s the down low on how to catch a fish with the current conditions:

Surf Fishing: Early morning (we mean when the roosters crow through first light) reports of Kingfish, Croakers, and Bluefish using blood worm, squid, shrimp, and cut baits. Sharks and Rays are still hanging around and are being reported throughout the day and night; anglers are using cut bait, smelt, finger mullet, and squid. Captain Steve’s carries a custom made Shark Rig with stainless steel wire and Gamakatsu hooks for all your Shark and Ray fishing. Angler’s are having success with our Aqua Clear and Sea Striker Mullet Rigs baited with finger mullet as well as our Delmarva Fish finder Rigs and East Coast High Low Rigs. Stop by and ask our staff to help set you up. Weight sizes are varying currently.

Crabbing: Hurry Up and catch the last of the blue crabs before it gets cold. Blue Crabs are a great way to spend time with the entire family; Captain Steve’s offers a special that includes a net, four hand lines, and some bait. Steamed over vinegar and beer with some seasoning… one of the best meals on the Eastern Shore!

Channel, Bays, and Creeks: Anglers are still catching Croakers,  a few Spot, Kingfish, Oyster Toads, Flounder, Sharks, and Rays. We recommend targeting Croakers, Spot, and Kingfish with bloodworms, shrimp, squid, and fishbites (Flavors: Squid, Clam, Crab, Blood worm, and Shrimp). Anglers targeting Flounder are using squid, live minnows, and gulp bait. Reports are telling us that anglers are having the most success with Gulp bait (hot pink minnows and white shrimp are still on top). Anglers catching Sharks and Rays are chumming and drifting or bottom fishing with Shark Rigs with mackerel, croaker, and bunker.

Wreck Fishing: Boats are still bringing home nice Flounder from the rigs; anglers are mostly jigging with squid, bucktails, and gulp bait. Seabass are in season for until September 18th, and are being caught around the wrecks. This season is followed by Tautog season.

Stay safe and have a happy Labor Day Weekend. Tight Lines Everyone!


Jimmy’s daughter, Luciana, with her very first Croaker caught in the Assateague Channel. #CongratsLuciana #FishingLady


Kevin and Mark went out and are obviously still on the fish; they brought home Mahi Mahi, Flounder, and Black Sea Bass. #LikeFatherLikeSon #GreatCatch

jenna jenna_flounder

This is Jenna from Gap Pennsylvania with her very first Flounder weighing in at 4.24 lbs and 22 inches long. Jenna caught her fish in the Chincoteague Channel off a hotel dock using Gulp hot pink 4 inch mullet. #CongratsJenna #MrJoeCleansFishLikeNobodiesBusiness

cobia cobia_2

Joe Pruitt with a beautiful Cobia. Cobia are highly migratory species whose arrival is anxiously awaited in the lower bay in mid-summer, they are frequently found around large floating objects. Anglers frequently chum with fresh menhaden. #FingerLickinGood


Captain John and Joe went out yesterday to test out the Joe’s new boat and brought home a cooler full of Black Sea Bass. Luciana was kind enough to model off one of these tasty guys. #GreatOnTheGrill #WreckTrip

August 26, 2014


Fishing Report: August 26, 2014

Hurricane Cristobal is making tracks away from the coast and moving away from North Carolina. Our shores are seeing some of the strong current and larger surf, but anglers are still managing to catch some fish. Off the Assateague Surf we are still having reports of Sharks, Skates, Bluefish, and early morning bites of Kingfish. In the bay, channels, and creeks anglers are reporting Croakers, Sharks, Skates, and Flounder.

Baits of Choice: Finger Mullet, Bunker Fillet, Mackerel, Squid, Shrimp, Bloodworm, Fishbites (Squid, Bloodworm, Shrimp, and Crab) and Peeler Crab

Recommended Rigs: Captain Steve’s Jumbo Surf Ball Rig, Mullet Rig, East Coast High Low Rig, Captain Steve’s Custom Made Shark Rig, Fishfinder Rig, or a Carolina Rig. 

Good luck out there and remember you can’t catch a fish unless you wet a line. Tight Lines Everyone!


Ethan Reilly is a local Teaguer and a regular at Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle. Ethan’s working on his fishing skeelzz so that one day he can become just like his idol Nathan Richardson. #EthanTheCroakerReilly

adam_ty_2 adam_ty_3 adam_ty

Adam and Ty caught plenty of Croakers in the Chincoteague Channel. #YoungAnglersCatchingCroakers


Little Eve is an angler in training…she probably caught the most fish. #LittleGirlsFishingRock


Matt and Randy from Maryland with a nice Shark off the Assateague Surf. #SharkCatchers

tim_roth_2 tim_roth

Tim Roth with a Hammerhead Shark off the Assateague Surf. #AwesomeCatch






Send us your fishing photos and we will do our best to put them up on the web for you and your family and friends to see. Captain Steve’s is family owned and operated and we love to share fishing stories and memories from Chincoteague Island. Please include your name and where you are from, and if you would also like to include what bait you were using or a general area that is great!

Email us at: info@stevesbaitandtackle.com

Fishing Report: August 22, 2014


Jacob from Chincoteague, Virginia fishing on the new town pier brought in a nice Spade fish. #YoungTeaguer #islandlife


A friend of the store submitted this photo from the Curtis Merritt Harbor; this 9.5 foot Mako was caught recently offshore. #MakoShark


Chris White, Richard White, Nancy White, and Joan McHaul caught some nice flounder in the Chincoteague Channel. #CouplesFishingIsAHotDate


Antonio Christou with a nice blue crab caught on Chincoteague Island. #Bunker #JimmyCrab


Mr. Ralph with a beautiful Flounder caught in the Assateague Channel using hot pink Gulp tipped with a minnow and a spray of his personal cologne. #islandlife


These two lucky anglers landed two whoppers aboard the “Huntress Charters” with Captain John. #BigFlounderIsGoodDinner


Gene Brite submitted this photo of a Ray and a Bluefish caught on one rig. #DoubleHeader


Phillip Moon from Turner, ME with a 12lb 3 oz, Joseph Koenig from Catonsville, MD with a 10lb 90z, and Nathan and Abby from Crisfield, MD from 10lb 4oz all cousins, landed these citation Sheepshead in the Tangier sound out with Captain Nick.


Tyler Williams from Kitty Hawk North Carolina with an Oyster Toad caught on a bottom rig using fresh shrimp and crab fishbites. #CarolinaBoy #TDub


Antonio fresh out of the water just turned in these two Flounder he caught in the Assateague Channel using 3 inch white mantis shrimp (gulp) and 4 inch live minnows. He also managed to bring in two croackers and bluefish. #AntonioIsTheMan


Stop on by Captain Steve’s…we are always horsing around! #GoPonies


August 19, 2014: Fishing Report

The fishing season is changing around Chincoteague, but not to worry anglers are still having lots of fun catching fish in the area. We are leaving our summer fishing and getting ready for fall. So, what does this mean for anglers wanting to catch fish now??

Crabbing: There are several families and friends coming in to Captain Steve’s everyday getting bait for the traps, hand lines, and pots. We recommend using chicken necks for the hand lines and bunker for the traps and pots. Stop by and let us set you up with buckets, coolers, ice, crabbing handlines, rope, crab pots (medium and large), gauges, and seasoning. Blue Crabs are common along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, from Massachusetts to Texas. Their Latin name, Callinectes sapidus, means “savory, beautiful swimmer.” The males have large, bright blue claws and legs and are called a “Jimmy” crab. The females have red tips on its claws, smaller than a male, and called a “Sook,” “Jenny,” or a “She Crab.” They are generally steamed (we recommend steaming with vinegar and beer), seasoned, and served with warm butter.

Bay, Channels, and Creeks: Everyone is still having plenty of fun catching croakers around the area. For the bigger fish we recommend finding a deep hole to drift across with a East Coast Surf Rig baited with shrimp, bloodworms, squid, finger mullet chunks, and fish bites (Squid, Clam, Shrimp, Bloodworm, and Crab). Bluefish are making an appearance and anglers are having fun catching these fast attacking fish. Captain Steve’s offers a deluxe mullet rig that is perfect for attracting bluefish to bite, and disabling them from taking off with your tails. Finger mullet, smelt, and bunker are great baits for bluefish. Flounder are still hanging out around these areas as well, and many anglers are drifting in their boats using bucktails baited with Gulp or Squid and also jigging with live minnows, smelts, and silversides. Additionally, anglers are catching Flounder from the docks right outside of their homes and hotels; the very popular Carolina rig with a minnow, silverside, or squid seems to do the trick. There are still reports of Sheepshead and Black Drum being caught around structures (bridges, piers, and old pilings) using peeler crab, clams, shrimp, and sand fleas.

Sharks and Rays: Sharks and Rays are still heavy in demand and anglers are having a blast hunting down these species of fish and catching an interesting variety. Rays are ranging from 12 inches to 60 inches and shark are ranging from 12 inches to 84 inches in length. Captain Steve’s clamps our very own custom shark rig complete with a heavy duty snap swivel, tri-swivel, and Gamakatsu hook…they are made to hook up and go! Baits of choice are mackerel, bunker, cut croakers, live croakers, finger mullets, and whole squids. Captain Steve’s also has plenty of wire leaders with some of the best brands in the market so stop on by and let us set you up for some shark fishing, they kids will love it.

Surf Fishing: Several anglers are reporting good catches of Kingfish early in the morning (we mean just before the sun is up until first light) and late in the evening. A general bottom rig with ricker hooks work great for these fish or an East Coast Surf rig. Baits of choice are bloodworm, shrimp, mullet fillets, squid, and fish bites (Bloodworms, Squid, Clam, Crab, and Shrimp). Sharks and Rays are still in demand off the shore and anglers are really enjoying the fight…it’s truly sporty to bring in one of these guys…or gals on the beach. Don’t get TOO excited…OR DO… a few drums were caught over a weeks time off the surf. We are hoping they will be here soon!! For those of you that don’t know, last year we had a great red drum season off the surf. The action was incredible and most days anglers had their limits within an hour or two. Stop by Captain Steve’s and let us set you up with an East Coast Hi Low Rig (our most popular drum/striper rig) or one of our fishfinder drum rigs. Red drum dine primarily on peeler crabs, shrimp, and cut bait like fresh bunker or mullet.

Offshore: The wreck trips are still producing limited out sessions of Flounder, and nice sizes too. Black Sea Bass are being caught around the wrecks and these fish are so delicious…anglers are never sorry to bring these home. Mahi Mahi and Tuna are being caught by anglers trolling with Ballyhoo and Chunking with Butterfish and Sardines. A few reports of Makos and even a Swordfish. The word is: a decent bite on the canyon and plenty of Mahi Mahi on the 20 fathom.

Life is good here on the island…what can we say we are L-I-V-I-N! Tight Lines Everyone!



Skylar is LIVIN’ the island life…and has no problem with the weather, the fishing, or the company she keeps. Skylar is a great mate and loves help gathering info for the fishing reports; if you see here out and about say hello…and hide your bait because she might eat it.  #BaitSnatcher #CarolinaGirlLivinInChincoteague


Sharon Hudson from Greencastle Pennsylvania caught a 24.5 inch flounder weighing in at 5.11 lbs. She left her boat at home and was fishing off the Birchwood Dock. #Dockfishing


Matt Kauffman fished with Captain Matt and caught some nice Kingfish (whiting).


Ryan Bagby joined Captain John with the “Huntress Charters” for a nice wreck trip and brought home some beautiful Black Sea Bass and Flounder. #Tasty #WreckFishing


Jen Light from Delaware made a trip down the shore for some fun in the sun. Using a Captain Steve’s East Coast Surf Rig baiting the hooks with Finger Mullet, Fish bites (Crab and Shrimp), Crab Claws, and Shrimp, Jen brought home some nice size Croakers. #NiceJohnDeereHat


Connie Wright fishing some of the Creeks and Channels around the island using a Carolina Rig with a Gamakatsu Baitholder hook caught a shark on Saturday. #FingerMullet


Mark, Jake, and Kevin Quinn from Nottingham Pennsylvania are back at again with another nice trip from the wrecks. These boys are on the fish! #FlounderSlayers


Rob Borowicz landed a nice Tuna, and these fish are great to eat!


Lori White with two Flounder; the big one weighed in at 4.2 pounds caught in the Chincoteague Bay. #LindaSleighsFlounderAllDayEveryDay


Dawn Hefner submitted this photo of a Hammerhead Shark caught yesterday afternoon. Most Hammerheads are Coastal and some are found in open ocean water (most are  migratory); they feed on baits such as Sting Rays, Crabs, Shrimp, and Octopi. Depending on the species they range from 5 foot to 19.7 feet long.


Sarah with a little Striper caught in the Chesapeake Bay. #FishingGirlsRock


It’s almost time for Red Drum season here on Chincoteague and we are getting very excited. A few drum were caught last week and some citations were submitted from further South… so it shouldn’t be long. Stop on by the store and let us set you up with an East Coast Hi Low Rig or a Fish Finder Drum Rig.


Captain Steve’s stocks a large assortment of Spro Bucktails w/ Gamakatsu hooks as well as plenty of baitholder hooks, snell hooks, floating jigs, lead heads, football jigs, and fly teasers. Ask our staff what is right for you!



August 12, 2014

jordan_first_flounder burton_family

The Burton Family enjoyed fishing off the surf, and Jordan caught his first keeper flounder.


Bob Linker and Family went out wreck fishing with Captain John with the “Huntress Charters” and brought home some nice flounder.

rich_doreen richbigfish082014

Rich and Doreen Gonzoph fishing the wrecks using smelts had plenty of luck lately. #Smelts #FlounderSlayers


TEAM PILGRIM with another happy angler     THANKS STEVE/TERESA   #TEAMPILGRIM20mahi

Fran Kosinski with a 21# mahi mahi #20line fish


Sam. Mike, and Lee with a nice WAHOOO and mahi on a recent offshore trip!

brandonharsh082014 brandonharshshrk082014

Brandon is still catching gigantic Stingrays and Sharks; many of you may remember the 7ft Sand Tiger he caught and released a while back.


Daryl and Rusty were fishing the wrecks and caught a bunch of Black Sea Bass. #GreatTastinFish


Raymond and Brian went out aboard the “Little Doctors” with Captain Jimmy Wilton and hunted some nice Stingrays.


Tom from Ohio caught a whole mess of Croakers. #Dinner


Ed and Ed from Pennsylvania joined Captain John for flounder fishing. #LimitedOut


Trey Neal, with a citation size Mahi Mahi, joined Captain Glenn Neal and Mate Wayne Gualtney from Hallwood Virginia aboard the “Angela Lee.”  #PrettyFish


Tina and Allen aboard the “Hold On” caught some nice Tuna chunking with Butterfish.


Regan and Hayden were surf fishing with Finger Mullet and landed a nice Flounder.

swain_capt_bill swain_tuna

I wanted to give a big shout out to my girl Missy Swain who caught the largest Yellowfin Tuna aboard the “True Grit” with Captain Hank Beasley. Missy and her female pals were fishing the 25th annual Alice Kelly Tournament, a fundraiser event for the Outer Banks Cancer Support Group. #CarolinaGirlsFishingForAGreatCause #OBXFishing