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Save the Dates May 6th until May 17th !
2015 Flounder Tournament

MAY 13TH PIG ROASTchrismasssss

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  There are still some nice fish around as seen in the pictures below.    This is the time of year to reconnect with family and friends and appreciate all that we have.  We are so thankful to have such a great community and family. We have been holding regular hours of 8 am to 6 pm.


Remember to Save the Date for the upcoming flounder tournament in May!

May 6th through the 17th  Pig Roast on May 13!



Striper (Rockfish) Time of Year


Captain Steve’s Annual Surf Tournament is this weekend! The tournament is free of charge; sign up here at Captain Steve’s anytime this weekend when you arrive. Largest Striper by weight caught off the Assateague Surf (here in Virginia) will win the tournament. Rod and Reel Combo prizes along with a lot of good friends and laughs here at Captain Steve’s… we are looking forward to seeing everyone here! Fresh Bunker and Live Eels are available for this weekend.

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  • Flamless Zippo Hand Warmers
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  • Fillet Sets

All Striper Tournament T-shirts and Sweatshirts are 20% off & all clothing is Buy 1 item, get 50% off the second!!!!

It is cold here…we mean burrrrr! Bring your layers. Captain Steve’s supplies Muck Boots and Fishing waders as well as jackets, hats, gloves, rubber boots, and hoodies. This cold weather is exactly what we wanted for the Striper Tournament. See You All Soon. Tight Lines!!




Rob Dunning with a 25 pound striper taken off the surf using cut bait off the Assateague Surf!


Dan sherrill with a schoolie striper using calcutta swimshads!

Launch Results





Photo courtesy of Capt. Mike and His First Mate Brownie

Here is a good shot of the locket the day before the launch.  It was national news that the rocket was blown up after an unsuccessful launch attempt.  There is still some debris around the island and The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is closed today due to recovery of rocket parts.  Good news is that no one was hurt but the bad news is that it was an unsuccessful launch.

RELEASE 14-302
NASA Statement Regarding Oct. 28 Orbital Sciences Corp. Launch Mishap

The following statement is from William Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator of NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Directorate, regarding the mishap that occurred at Pad 0A of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia during the attempted launch of Orbital Sciences Corp’s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft at 6:22 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28.

“While NASA is disappointed that Orbital Sciences’ third contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station was not successful today, we will continue to move forward toward the next attempt once we fully understand today’s mishap. The crew of the International Space Station is in no danger of running out of food or other critical supplies.

“Orbital has demonstrated extraordinary capabilities in its first two missions to the station earlier this year, and we know they can replicate that success. Launching rockets is an incredibly difficult undertaking, and we learn from each success and each setback. Today’s launch attempt will not deter us from our work to expand our already successful capability to launch cargo from American shores to the International Space Station.”

Updates will be posted as available on NASA’s Orbital page, at:




October is here it is Drum Time, kingfish off the surf some flounder too…



October is here although the temperatures are still warmer than usual.  We are having a good bite off the surf; snapper bluefish, some nice kingfish, butterfly rays.  In the bay anglers are doing best with kingfish near the inlet.  Still a few flounder around too, but you have to put your time in.  Striped Bass have started showing up mostly a night bite.  Stop on in for all your fishing tackle and info.  We have in fresh bait!!!


Here is a good size butterfly ray they have a short tail.



Plenty of flounder off the surf taken on our East Coast high low rig tipped with spot and mullet.


This king fell for a mullet head…


Shane Whealton with a speckled trout!


Big Reds have come to the beach great job Tom!



48” red actually 2 caught by Tom Bradley


Bluefish, king, and a nice flounder.  Some good surf fish makes for a good dinner!

Chincoteague Report little blues some kings and occasional redfish…





Pickerel Bob’s wife Cindy outfishes him on the surf with this nice flounder caught on a gulp doubletail mullet.


Inshore report 9/18/14  A couple keeper flounder have been caught this week off the new Downtown Pier along with snapper blues, king fish, and small sea bass.  Thursday night we had a local bring in a 8/0 shark hook that no longer looked like a hook something straightened it out off the pier.  It will be interesting to see if anyone brings in a big one this weekend.

Along the Assateague CHannel we have had some spot showing up using small hooks with bloodworms/squid.  Still an array of flounder a lot of smaller ones but if you are patient you can pull in a few keepers.  One of the store friends had 2 keepers off a dock on S. Main and lost the “big” one  we hope for a good weekend TIght lines !


Chuck Carter aboard the Shammy with Capt. Glen Clawsen with a citation wahoo and some nice mahi too.floundernathan  IMG_8116 IMG_8132

Dave Snyder with a nice flounder 19” caught in the Chincoteague Bay.maricio

Mauricio caught a 36″ sand shark with a new Penn Battle reel purchased at Captain Steves.


Mauricio Jr caught his first Shark.   Great fightsharkdad

David had no problem biting the biter.  All sharks were safely released to get bigger into the Ocean.nathanbluefish nathanshark

Who’s Ready To Fish??



AHOY! Captain in training, Luciana (Jimmy’s daughter), is beginning to learn the water just like the rest of her family. Are you interested in a fun trip for your family? Fun trips are for families that want to learn more about fishing around Chincoteague Island; often anglers will clam, fish, watch dolphin, and more. Stop by the store and ask our staff about the Chincoteague Experience Trips.

Fishing Report: September 15, 2014

The weather here on the island is nice and cool in the mornings and evenings and warm in the middle of the day. You might enjoy relaxing on the beach in the afternoon (bring a jacket just in case) and roasting a hot dog over a nice fire or walking over to one of our local ice cream shops and enjoying a sweet treat with the family. No matter your vacation mission; it’s time to fish, it’s time to relax, it’s time to stop by Captain Steve’s, and it’s time for some fun!

Inlet and Surf: Anglers are catching Kingfish, Bluefish, and a few Croakers and baits of choice are: Bloodworm, Squid, and Bloodworm Fishbites.  Reports of Sharks and Rays caught using cut baits, mackerel, and squid. A few Flounder are being caught off the surf using bucktails, cut bait, and blood worms. A few Red Drum were caught off the surf using fresh finger mullet and spots.

Channels: Kingfish and Croakers still hanging around the channel; anglers having the most success with bloodworm and fishbites (Flavors: bloodworm, squid, and shrimp). Scattered reports of Flounder and baits of choice are: cut bait, silversides, and gulp bait.

See You All Soon! Tight Lines Everyone.


John Siewny with a nice catch of Kingfish (whiting) and Croaker caught near the inlet using bloodworm and bloodworm fishbites. #GreatTastingFish


Curtis and Derek from Washington DC caught two very nice Flounder and a bunch of Kingfish in the Assateague Channel and the inlet. They chartered a trip with Captain John aboard the Huntress Charters. #BroughtHomeTheBacon


Mr. Ralph with a puffer fish caught off the docks in the Assateague Channel. Careful ladies… he’s married. #Fishbites #Bloodworm


Nate with a 25 inch sandshark caught off the new pier using squid. #nightfishing


Debbie, Cindy, Reyer, and Cole from Pennsylvania enjoyed some nice family time while crabbing on Assateague Island. #CaughtSomeKeepersToo #TeachingKidsTheBasics


Sarahsuh from Virginia spent all afternoon crabbing on Assateague Island. This lady angler fished harder than anyone else I saw all weekend.


Travis Wright with a ray caught in the Chincoteague Channel. #LongTail

capt_pablo_wahoo brian_eric_wahoo_albacore

Captain Pablo, Eric, and Brian from Chatham Massachusetts, aboard the Donna Jean II, caught a 61 inch Wahoo and nice Albacore Tuna offshore. #GoRedSox #Beantownies


We’ve posted this sample pic before, but we have a lot of inquiries about Red Drum rigs and these are two of our most popular. On the left we have an East Coast High Low Rig with 5/O circle hooks and on the right a Fishfinder rig with a 7/O J-Hook complete with two different style weights. Baits of choice are: Bunker, Finger Mullet, Spot, Peeler Crab, Shrimp, Bloodworm, and Clam.


September 11th Memorial


September 11th Memorial

Captain Steve’s would like to take the time to remember all those that are no longer with us, and send our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends that lost loved ones on September 11th. There is never enough appreciation for all those that serve our nation as US service members, firemen, policemen, medical response teams, and all the other jobs out there that civilians depend on everyday. All the staff at Captain Steve’s says thank you and may God bless this great nation.

The Rain Stopped – Let’s Go Fishing!!!


The Fishing Report: September 10, 2014

We had a couple days of rain here on the island, but that didn’t stop some anglers from going out to fishing. Today the sun is out and several vacationers and locals stopped by the store to pick up bait.

Do you have your beach cart yet? Stop by the store and let our staff show you some of the accessories that will complete your setup. We also supply hitches to the carts so that anglers can attach them to the back of their vehicle. Carts are large and small and we stock aluminum carts and steel tube carts with both rubber tires and pneumatic tires. Fall fishing is almost here and sometimes these carts are an angler’s best friend.

Ready to pick out that new surf rod? Captain Steve’s carries a very large selections of rods and reels for all types of fishing. Ask about some of our favorites: Star Rods (9ft/10ft/11ft/12ft) , TICA rods, Penn Torque (conventional and spinning), Penn Prevails, and Team Daiwa (9ft/10ft/11ft/12ft).

OffShore: Several citations and reports of White Marlins caught and released near the Washington Canyons, several Mahi Mahi from the parking lot and lumpy bottom, and Tuna have scattered reports. Stop by Captain Steve’s and grab your butterfish, ballyhoo (small, medium, horse, rigged, and select), and sardines.

Assateague Surf: Early morning bites include Kingfish, Bluefish, and a few Spot and Croaker. Anglers are still catching several Sharks and Rays. Baits of choice: Bloodworm, Shrimp, Squid, Mackerel, Finger Mullet, Cob Mullet, Bunker, Peeler Crab, and Sandfleas. *Also ask our staff how you can best use Fishbites to your advantage

Assateague Channel: Consistently the Blue Crab are still producing good numbers of catch in this area; all the little canals and creeks off the channel are especially doing well. Boaters drifting are still catching Croakers and a few Flounder. Baits of Choice: Live Minnows, Gulp Bait, Shrimp, Squid, and Bloodworms.

The Wrecks: Anglers are still catching limits of Flounder and Black Seabass. Black Seabass goes out September 18th and then Tautog begins September 20th.

The New Town Pier: Scattered reports of Croakers and Spot as well as a few reports of nice Flounder. Anglers are using Fishbites (Shrimp, Squid, Bloodworm, and Crab), bloodworm, shrimp, and squid and also finger mullet and mackerel. We’ve had anglers losing their poles from big fish striking and several anglers were spooled. *Captain Steve’s stocks bridge nets for those that are pier fishing.

Chincoteague Channel and The Queen Sound: The Flounder are still hanging around in the Channel; we’ve had several reports of anglers catching keeper sized Flounder. They are biting silversides, live minnows, cut bait, and Gulp bait. Several reports of nice sized Croakers in addition to Sharks and Rays. Black Drum and Sheepshead are still being caught around pilings, bridges, and old structures. Angler’s are using crab, sand fleas, and shrimp (we also recommend using clam, crab, or shrimp bites with your live bait).

Good Luck and Tight Lines Everyone!


Lin Bock from Chincoteague Virginia aboard the “Lucky Dog” came home with three Mahi and a White Marlin. Ms. Lin really knows how to bring home dinner. #LadyAnglersRock


Conner from Shippensburg Pennsylvania went out fishing with Chris Martin and caught his first Flounder. #BuckTails #GulpBait #Dinner


Chris from Pennsylvania showing off his Flounder skills; good to have you and the family back down for a while. When is dinner buddy?


Daniel Sahakian submitted this photo of a Sand Shark caught off the Assateague Surf. #NiceCatch #NightFishing

trav_connie rulas_sheepshead

Travis and Connie Wright from Northeast North Carolina (currently living on Chincoteague Island) joined by Ms. Rula of Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle caught two Black Drum and a Sheepshead in the Chincoteague Channel. The Black Drum weighing in over 11 lbs and the Sheepshead at 4 lbs. #Sandfleas #ClamFishBites.

rubber_tire  cart_accessories beach_carts

Do you have your beach cart yet? Small and Large Carts available (aluminum and steel).


Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle has a large variety of surf rods.

The Weather is Warm… Ok Hot!



It’s HOT on the Island

It’s Saturday, and honestly today felt more like 4th of July weekend with less traffic. The weather is beautiful and everyone is soaking up the sun and heading outdoors every chance available. The cool breeze in the afternoon allows everyone downtime from the sun and chance to bike, walk, jog, fish, crab, and do some outside grilling. Let’s face it, Chincoteague Virginia is a beautiful place.

Fishing Report: September 6, 2014

Surf Fishing: Reports off the beach are promising and we like what we are hearing. Early morning continues to report Kingfish, scattered Croaker, scattered Spot, Bluefish, a few Flounder, Sharks, Rays, and a couple of Red Drum. Recommended baits: Blood worm, Squid, Shrimp, Finger Mullet, Peeler Crab, Sandfleas, Mullet Fillet, Bunker Fillet, Gulp Bloodworms, and Fishbites (Squid, Clam, Crab, and Bloodworm). *Mackerel is best when fishing for Sharks.

Creeks, Channels, and Bay: Scattered Croakers and Flounder, Kingfish, Sharks, Rays, and a few Spot. Also, we are still having a few reports of Black Drum and Sheepshead. Baits Recommended: Blood worm, Squid, Shrimp, Finger Mullet, Peeler Crab, Sandfleas, Mullet Fillet, Bunker Fillet, Gulp Bloodworms, and Fishbites (Squid, Clam, Crab, and Bloodworm). *We recommend using live minnows and Gulp bait for Flounder (Gulp Flavors: Hot Pink Mullet, White Mullet, White Shrimp, and Penny Shrimp)

The New Pier: Reports are good off the new pier. Several reports of Sharks, lots of Croakers, Oyster Toads, scattered Flounder, and a couple of Red Drum. Baits Recommended: Mackerel and Cut Bait for Sharks, Peeler Crab and Sandfleas for Red Drum, and Bloodworm, Squid, Shrimp, and Fishbites for Croaker

The Assateague Surf Drive On is now open! Check out some of our new products at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you at Captain Steve’s. Tight Lines Everyone!


Assateague Channel Sunset


Greg lives here on Chincoteague Island and definitely found a hole for the Sheepshead. This fish weighed in at 7.25lbs. #SandfleasForBait


Joe I and Joe II Chafardon were joined by Logan Umbrell and Scott Shelly on the “Rod Buster” for some offshore action. These boys came home with some beautiful Mahi Mahi, Black Seabass, and an Albacore. #GreatTastinFish


Bill Martin one of our faithful customers was kind enough to bring his early morning catch by the store for a quick photo. His catch included a Flounder, a couple of Kingfish, and a nice Bluefish. #CutBait


Tom Jurkiewicz from Northern Virginia with a nice Spot caught off the surf this morning. He also caught some Kingfish, Bluefish, and a Ray. #PanFish


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