Chinctoeague Fishing Report Striped Bass Trophy Season

It is that time of year again our Virginia Striped Bass Trophy Season starts today May 1st through May 15th go here and apply for the FREE permit

This allows you to keep a striped bass for the first 15 days of May and report it within 2 weeks.  The striped bass and black drum fishing is continuously getting better as we usually hit its peak in the middle of this month.  Make sure to vary your cast as a lot of times these fish come in close to feed.  We have in fresh bait consistently live peelers, fresh bunker, bloodworms, minnows etc..  Below are some of the recent catches from our Chincoteague Beach.  Enjoy !


Imre with a nice striper caught and released on the last day of April !  Nice catch #stripedbass


Huntress Chartes at it again with Darryl and Rusty 5 keepers in the bay #flounder #fluke #dinner20160424_180617

Mr. Curtis with a nice black drum off the Chincoteague Surf20160425_075141

Joe had a great day with his first and second black drum off the Chincoteague Surf


Egrets on the loose  20160430_074654

New Calcutta Ramblers 20 ounce stainless steel cups greatly insulated for hot or cold20160430_095742

Mr. Bruce for sticked up by Anastasia and Luciana and got talked into playing Old Maidc6480e08-b713-4a60-a9c0-007ed83e956b

Chris Fritz with a nice black drum off the Chincoteague Surfd03d795f-17c4-4f06-ae37-a4cf9168877a

Nice striped bass 40” just a few days to early to keep but it is also nice releasing a big fish to be caught again 🙂


Ike Swart, John Harke, Mrk Julian, and Capt. Josh had a good day off the surf with 2 nice drum and a nice striped bass!

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Xristos Anesti.  Some family church pictures from this weekend! #orthodoxeaster #2016

Flounder are here check out this citation !!!!



Mr. Bob Deiter with his “lifetime catch” 7 lb. 15 oz. #doormat #chincoteaguefishing

xpPft Gdtv3 IMG_1694

Here is something to smile about.  Fishing buddies Mr. Bob Deiter and Capt. Ted aboard the “Carsonville Scow” with 7 keeper flounder fishing Chincoteague. Fish were hitting goot on the top hook using Gulp and Minnows. Stop on in we will set you up #doormat #flounder #fluke #chincoteaguefishing great catch!

IMG_1681 Mr. Allen with his big blue cut on cut bunker #toothy #16poundsIMG_1683

The Frederick Crew is back in town; Evon Burks, Rodney Bear, Larry Sullivan, and Dave Kline with some nice flounder.  #fishing #fishon #chincoteague



Luciana with her mini ranger badge.  She learned about welks and had a great time.


Never know what will show up after the rain #chincoteaguerainbow


Gary H. perfecting his casting technique.  Ready for the Spring Run!


Not a better place to be than at the beach at sunset

Black Drum off the Chincoteague Surf through 4/20

20160420_174344-1 20160421_085227 20160420_174314-1

I got a chance to get out there yesterday with Curtis and got my first black drum of the season weighed in at 16.5 pounds. Caught on Capt. Steve’s EC surf rig bottom hook with frozen peeler tipped with orange fishbites. Beautiful day on the beach. #springrun #surffish Needless to say Luciana was excited she even dressed herself in mismatched patterns she can not wait to get out there with her rod 🙂  We will now be OPEN at 7 AM every day


Chincoteague Flounder Report through April 18


Erica Paniere with a nice 21” flounder caught in the Assateague Channel.  The flounder are here now we just need some people getting after them.  Stop on in we have some Big live minnows and the largest assortment of flounder tackle and a lot of Gulp baits too.  Swing on in we have in fresh bunker the gnats are around….  It’s usually a sign if the gnats are here so are the Drum.  Come on in and get hooked Up!

Fishing Report Through Mid April 2016


Dave Menehan with a big bluefish off the Assateague surf weighed in at 10 lb. 8 oz caught on an East Coast Hi Lo Rig tipped with cut bunker ! ‪#‎bigblue‬‪#‎surffish‬ ‪#‎fishon‬ ‪#‎Springrun‬

Things are starting to look up with the first big fish brought in off the surf this year.  We have been catching a few schoolie stripers and skates too.  Black drum should be here any day now last year the first ones were caught April 15th.  We will be getting in FRESH bunker for the weekend live bloodworms.  We have some BIG live minnows a few nice flounder have been caught off the rocks on the south end of the island.  Check out our newly stocked up flounder rigs.  Come on in and get stocked up also our flounder t-shirt design has been approved pictured below.


Chincoteague Report through April 6th.

It’s that time of year and we have gotten another cold spell.   Chincoteague is starting to get busy again with everything starting to come alive.  All the animals are starting to have their babies and the black headed gulls have arrived.  Along with the black headed gulls come the flounder as water temps and baits have the same cyclical cycle every year.  Some schoolie stripers have been caught off the surf with some dogfish and skates too.  Stop on in and check out all our new Penn inventory and we have some good rebates on Berkley Gulp.  And have just restocked our custom jigheads up to 1.5 ounces.  We have in live minnows.  Stop on in and let us help you get hooked up the crabs have been active for a few weeks now, we are just waiting for another warm spell to get things going in the right direction.  Stop on in and say hi also pick up a tide chart with the current regulation.  See everyone soon enjoy the pictures 🙂20160318_065648-EFFECTS

Across the Pony Overlook always a great photo spot especially Sunrise.


Sunrise can not beat the scenery at our beach.


The meeting for the NPS please comment click on the link and voice your opinions

Luciana with her new Barbie fishing Mobile.  We have to add some rod holders next…20160402_162446

Bunnies are here for Easter with some of our extended NC family.


First Big”Jimmy” of the season this guy was caught in the Assateague Channel.  We have had some customers having some good success potting and even some on handlines at Trails End.20160403_180836

The 2015 foals out on the loose after the Spring roundup this past week.


Old Coast Guard Station.


Surf Fishing it begins.


Curtis with a skate off the surf 2 days ago it was gusting up to 30 still nice to be out there.IMG_20160403_073830



We have plenty of bucktails and accessories along with tons of fluke/flounder rigs.  Come on in and let us help you get geared up

Chincoteague Update through mid March

Coming into the weekend the weather will continue to be nice for this time of year.  The water temps keep on creeping up to the high 40 we are almost there.  Some digfish have been pulled out off the surf.  Flounder should be anytime now…  Stop on in we will be opening at 8am for the weekend.  See you soondogfish

One of six dogfish caught by Curtis off the beach on Thursday using cut bait mullet and bunker using a high low rig.20160310_141158

Soft shell calico crab found near the shore line.20160310_142421

It’s time to hit the beach they are still working on the parking lots but there is plenty of room/  There were a lot of beachgoers and a couple girls actually jumped in the water in the afternoon.  20160309_063301

Gemma the early bird Yorkie enjoying the sunrise over the Assateague Channel.


Chincoteague Beach Sunrise Tree

End of Feb. Things are starting to get going some pictures from the past few weeks



Another beautiful sunrise on the beach.  It will not be too ling now last year the first black drum were caught in March.  If we have some consecutive nice days in a row i know I’ll be out there with a rod in my hand!20160212_071636

The ponies have been beach road bound as of late.20160212_071929 20160215_070938(0)

Although nice to look at I’m done with the snow.  It is starting to warm up 🙂20160215_071937 20160215_072737

Snowy Capt. Steve’s20160224_140001

Walk on the north beach a few miles up…20160224_140852

I caught a fish this was up by the dunes this past week20160225_141525

Close up on the access road off the Wildlife Loop.20160225_141538 20160225_142839 20160225_143706 20160225_144106-EFFECTS 20160225_144111 20160226_120136

The visitors center is still one of Luciana’s favorite places to visit with the touch tank with clams and conchs along with the fish tank.


A few boats tied up downtown Chincoteague.IMG_0391

Chincoteague Bridge at night.IMG_0425

The clam watch house on the south side of the island.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year.  It’s that time of year again we are going to fishing shows.  Next week we will be at the Frederick Md. Fishing Expo Jan. 17th at the Fairgrounds.  We are getting stocked up already for the upcoming Spring season.  Striped Bass are still open until the month of April there were a few shorts caught this past weekend off the surf.  Thanks everyone for another great season we have our phone # on the door if you need anything.  Mark your calendars for the upcoming flounder tournament May 13-22nd  I’ll have sign ups at the Frederick Expo and will be working on our online sign up too.  IMG_0989

IMG_0990IMG_0985 IMG_0891