2017 Flounder Tournament


2017 Flounder Tournament!

Mark your calendars our Spring Fishing Tournament have been set our first will be our Annual Spring Flounder Tournament.  It will be held for 10 days April 21st – April 30th.  With our pig roast and get together on April 27th.  So mark your calendars and we will have a link up shortly for entries also the first 50 people will get Captains Bags with their entry fees.  Tournament Prizes

1st –   $1000

2nd-   $500

3rd-    $300

4th-    $250

5th-    $250 Costa Sunglasses

6th-    $200 Penn Gold Combo

7th-    $100 Capt. Steve’s GC

8th-    $100 GC to Famous Pizza

9th-    $100 GC to Marias

10th-   $100 GC TO Steamers

First 50 entries get a free Captains Bag !

Use the form below to signup now!


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By submitting my entry, I understand that I am participating at my own risk. Capt. Steve’s Bait & Tackle and their employees are not liable for any losses, injury or death resulting in my participation before during and after this tournament. Furthermore I have read and will adhere to the rules listed on this form. I understand that Capt. Steve’s will determine the rule violations and tournament winners and their decision is final. I will obey all laws local and federal and will be held responsible for any violation thereof.

Chincoteague Update some Photos Upcoming Tournaments.

It’s been a slow Winter around the island.  We have been keeping busy going to shows and getting things ready for the upcoming season.  Our Flounder tournament is going to be April 21 – April 30th.  We are still around and in and out of the shop. If you need anything our cell phone numbers are on the door.  Hope everyone is having a good Winter and warmer weather will be her before you know it.