Weekend wrap up black drum and flounder too

We have fresh bunker brought in Sunday afternoon!  Big mud minnows in stock gt out there and catch some flounder!  Stop on in and stock up on all your fishing needs also we got in some more of our Capt. Steve’s T-shirts with some cool designs stripers, bluecrab, and flounder too.



David Reynold and Nathan with a three and a half pound bluefish caught at Memorial Park using squid.  It is always great to see 3 generations fishing together forever building memories here on Chincoteague island.


Here is a 30 # black drum caught off the surf this weekend by Chuck Gosnell Luciana liked the fish!2sWPr

Mr. Allen with a 19 pound black drum back from Florida catching fish once again!wKpgP

Chris Hollar with a 19 pound turkey he got onn SatudayIMG_8392

Josh Barfield with his first black drum off the Assateague SurfIMG_8394

Jeff Rippeon John Rippeon Steve Ross Robert toms with their limit of flounder with the largest weighing in at 6 pounds and 13 ouncesIMG_8397

Tempest years Brian Brashears Randy Stein with 11 flounder avoid the Callie B


More Chincoteague Flounder!


Paul Kleckner with his firsst limit of the season in his first day out using Captain Steve’s Minnows!IMG_8403


Samarai Mike caught a couple of black drum this past weekend great job!IMG_8405


Mr. Ralph with another great catch from the Assateague Channel

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Imre with a great Sunday with a nice black drum and a striped bass release fishing the Assateague Surf.  He is glad to get back to Chincoteague and back to catching after a long winter let the Spring run begin.  The striped bass trophy season comes in this Friday so get ready for hopefully another great run.  Things are looking up the dogwoods are blooming and the black drum are bitin.


Late April coming into Brew and Barbeque Weekend





Timmy and Brian Brashears fro Frederick Md. with 7 keeper flounder caught in the Bay using minnows.


Chuck G. from Md. with a horseshoe crab caught Friday Morning off the surf was hoping for a drum but caught his first horseshoe crab and a couple of skates. JOHNBRENGLE

John Brengle from Tom’s Cove with a nice blue we have not seen big blues like this in the Spring for years nowRALPHLIMIT

Capt. Ralph with his first limit of the year.  I’m sure he will be having many limits this Summer as this Dillsburg PA resident has learned how to fish the saltwater.FLUKE


Here is Tony Lueddeke with a Spring Eastern Shore Surf and Turf a 20.5 pound flounder and 3 keeper flounder fishing Assateague Channel.unnamed (1)


Check out some of our new fluke/flounder shirts just came in today.


Lucky Dawg Wednesday morning. Mr. Roland had a 24″ ‘er and mine was 18″. Drift was a little tough this morning, but we managed to avoid the “skunk”!!

Weekend Wrap Up April 19


Drew Stuchlik from De caught this nice black drum off the Assateague Surf.  We had a beautiful day here on Saturday.  There were a few more flounder reported from Chincoteague things are still slow overall but it’s good to see some fish around.  Everything will be getting continously better as we approach the end of the month.  Stop on in as we have our shop well stocked up.  This week we have GMCO George Martin coming in along with some of the fishing reps from companies like Shimano and Penn too.  Do not forget our annual flounder tournament starts May 6th.  Swing on in as we have fresh bunker live minnows, bloodworms and everything you need for fishing.



This young lady outfished the boys with a keeper from the Assateague Channel.  Heard of another 24” flounder caught on Saturday too


Mary Jo with a black drum caught off the Assateague Surf on Friday, It’s so great seeing things picking back up again. :)


Spring has Sprung a few drum and flounder caught in the Assateague Channel

jimntom tom jim

It was a fun day out on the surf fishing with Tom.  Tom Larrimore from Md. caught his biggest ever drum 27.5 pounds and Jimmy with a 23 pound black drum.  They were caught on high low rigs tipped with peeler and fishbites.  There was also a 20 inch flounder caught in Assateague Channel near Memorial Park.  Swing on in we have some big bull minnows live bloodworms and all the bait and rigs you can ever want.  I’ll try to keep the post more up to date as the action picks up stop on in and let us get your the right gear for fishing.  Tight Lines!



April is here new products some fishing combo specials too FRESH BUNKER live bloodworms




Check out our new line cutterz it started as a kickstarter campaign an Capt. Steve’s has them in stocknow.  They cut mono up to 80 pounds and braided line.  Wear them on your hand it’s a great fishing tool that any angler will appreciate.  We also have our Diawa Millionaire Combo Reg. $79.99 now $20 off.  Our official tournament forms are also hare at the tackle shop for our upcoming Tournament.

k2-_923dec85-541b-43a6-b3a5-6235859305a5.v1 (1)


We have in Fresh bunker, live minnows, bloodworms too




Boating Requirement for 2015 for Virginia

Boating Safety Education Requirement

Video: “Virginia’s Boating Safety Education Requirement”

If you operate a motorboat or PWC in Virginia, you need to you know about Virginia’s boating safety education requirements. On this website, you can find details on Virginia’s boating requirements and locate a boating safety course near you. Be responsible, be safe, have fun—and always wear a life jacket on the water!

In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly enacted a law to establish a boating safety education compliance requirement. This requirement will be phased in over the next several years and by 2016, all operators of PWCs (Personal Watercraft such as jet skis, Sea Doos, Wave Runners) and operators of Motorboats with a 10 hp or greater motor, will be required to have a boating safety education course completion card on board when operating a PWC or Motorboat.

As of July 1, 2014, all PWC operators age 14 and older and motorboat operators 45 and younger must complete a boating safety course. Beginning July 1, 2015, all PWC operators age 14 and older and motorboat operators ages 50 and younger need to take a boating safety course.

PWC Age Restriction: No person under the age of 14 may operate a PWC. Those operators 14 and 15 MUST show proof of completing an approved and accepted boating safety course either in a classroom or online. The challenge exam or other provisions of the Education Compliance Requirement do not meet the requirements of the age restriction law.

A Personal Watercraft or PWC, more commonly known as a Sea-Doo® (Bombardier Recreational Products), Waverunner® (Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA), and JET SKI® (Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA), is defined as a motorboat less than 16 feet in length that are powered by jet pumps, not propellers, where the persons stand, kneel, or sit on, rather than inside the boat. Classroom and Internet courses that are NASBLA approved and accepted by VDGIF to meet these requirements are listed at the links below. If you are an experienced boater, you may choose to take an equivalency/challenge exam rather than take a boating safety course. Information about the equivalency/challenge exam can be found in the link below.

Do I Need to Take a Boating Course?

Yes – If you have never taken a NASBLA approved boating safety course and you fall within the phasein schedule (no grandfathering). Find a list of classroom courses »

No – If you have previously taken a NASBLA approved boating safety course and still have a card/certificate. Most state boating courses, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary courses, and United States Power Squadrons courses are NASBLA approved.

No – If you hold or have held a license to operate a vessel (Master, Captain, or Mate) issued by the United States Coast Guard. You must carry this license on board while operating a recreational vessel. If you would like to obtain a Virginia Lifetime Boaters Card, fill out this application.

No – If you are or have been a Virginia Registered Commercial Fisherman (pursuant to Virginia Code § 28.2-241). You must carry documentation on board while operating a recreational vessel. If you would like to obtain a Virginia Lifetime Boaters Card, fill out this application.

No – If you are or have been a surface warfare officer/enlisted surface warfare specialist in the United States Navy. (Note: a copy of valid DD-214 or certification from your Command will fulfill this requirement. No other military exemptions are currently allow under the Code of Virginia.) You must carry documentation on board while operating a recreational vessel. If you would like to obtain a Virginia Lifetime Boaters Card, fill out this application.


Easter Weekend on Chincoteague


Happy Easter it has been a great time here on Chincoteague.  A few friends came in town ran the Bay to Bay and even got medals too.  Plenty of Easter Egg hunts the weather still was not the best for fishing as it was blowing a gale.  Stop on in we are open every day and have a lot of new stock in too.  medals

Michael, Pat, and I after the race at the downtown park.ryanrace

Ryan’s 1st race with Annie from Philadelphia, PA they did really well!



Spring is almost here…




The draggers are starting to bring in some nice flounder.  We are going to have a good dinner tonight fresh calamari and flounder.  Last year the first flounder caught on hook and line was March 24 let’s hope we get some warm temps like today to get this started!  It was such a great day with the temperature hitting 70.  We have been restocking the shop with a lot of new inventory.  We have the largest assortment of fishing rigs and it continues to grow.  Luciana is helping papou and is excited to be the minnow catcher once again :)  I’ll have the link for the Flounder Tournament so you can sign up online here shortly.  Below is our annual exclusive Guinness Trophy Mug.


flounderchamp flounder2


Special thanks to Ryan for the Promo cup!



Here is a nice shot of the Chincoteague Channel from Edgertons.  It will not be too long where plenty of boats will be on the water.


We have in live minnows!!!