Saturday Morning Report




Fishing Report: October 18, 2014

A quick report this morning; Surf Fishing reports a good kingfish bite and plenty of snapper blues too. There were several red drum caught and released this morning off the surf. Best thing to use off the surf is an East Coast High Low Rig or a Fishfinder Rig tipped with Cut Bait (Bunker, Cobb Mullet, Finger Mullet, or Spot). Also, in the Chincoteague Channel we have several reports of Flounder. Anglers are using Gulp Bait and Live Minnows. The crabbing around the island is still decent, several folks are stopping in and baiting their pots and handlining.

Have a great weekend…it’s beautiful out there. Tight Lines!


Greg having some fun with his Kayak fishing early this morning. #Bucktails


Jess Whittemore, from Princeville Maryland, sent us a beautiful pic of his 50 inch Red Drum weighing 48lbs. He caught a second Red Drum weighing 38lbs; both fish caught on a East Coast High Low Rig tipped with Spot. #EarlyBirdGetsTheWorm

October 17th Fishing Report

Fishing Report: October 17th, 2014

The past few days we’ve experienced some winds from Hurricane Gonzalo, and while Bermuda is suffering a direct hit, the winds here are going to continue descending. The past few days nature worked against us on the surf, but now the weather is moderate… and it’s time to FISH! The Surf is producing scattered Blues and Kingfish biting best on bloodworm and cut baits (sometimes squid). Only a few reports of Red Drum the past couple of days, but this weekend’s weather is looking great for a bite. The inlet is still producing Kingfish and dare we say… Flounder… but they are still hanging around (also in the channels). Rockfish are probably the most popular this week and are being targeted on the bayside and around Chincoteague in the sound, channels, and creeks. We continue to say… swimbaits… and some anglers are having good luck with Peeler Crab. *FISHING TIP: Rockfish are night feeders…

Since tonight is homecoming, everyone at Captain Steve’s wants to wish the Chincoteague Ponies goodluck tonight. We especially want to send a big shout out to our boy Glenn!!

Tight Lines Everyone!



Chuck Gosnell with a 28 inch Red Drum off the Assateague Surf. #BeautifulRed


These Pennsylvania boys caught a beautiful Flounder! #FlounderAndFriesPlease


Vorvaugh is visiting us from the Ukraine, he works over a Wallops Island, and took some time to have some fun on the new town pier. #HeWasCatchinFishLikeNobodiesBusiness.


Liz is a local on Chincoteague and was kind enough to let me take her picture on the new pier. The croaker weren’t there that day… but she’s a born Croaker Slayer! #LadyAnglersRock


Swimbaits are working for Rockfish. #MirrorLures #WahooRigs #Zman #Tsunami #Gulp #Spro and more! Most of these baits work really well for Red Drum too!


It’s always a good time when Captain Pablo and his crew are here. Hope to see you guys again soon. #GORedSox

new pier_2  new_pier

We’ve had a couple request for pics of the New Town Pier, so here ya go. Built off the old bridge and has handicap ramps for those that need one.


Monday Fishing Report


Fishing Report: October 13, 2014

Well it’s back to the grind for most families today; school and work are a priority, but for many it’s their day off or they are enjoying some retirement time and are fishing. The area produced some decent fishing this past weekend and the most adamant anglers were most successful in the area. The weather cooled over the weekend and the overcast continues through Monday, this is ideal for redfish and rockfish in the area.

NOTE: Several anglers called in or stopped by the store curious to know if we had 12ft surf rods and the answer is, “YES!” Brands such as: Penn, Star Rod, Daiwa, Surf King, Tsunami, Sea Striker, TICA, and more. Rods will range in weight ability: averaging 3-14 ounces. The styles are both conventional rods and spinning rods.

Report: Several Red Drum out of the slot and keeper size were caught and some released off the Assateague surf; anglers were most successful with cut bait and drum rigs. Weight size varied from 3 oz – 10 oz depending on the tide and wind. Several bluefish were caught with finger mullet, cut bait, and bloodworms. There are still plenty of kingfish biting off the surf and inlet; best baits are bloodworms, cut bait, squid, shrimp, and fish bites. Flounder are still biting off the inlet and in the channels; biting live minnows and gulps. Rockfish bites are picking up in the channels and sounds; they are chasing swim baits. Captain Steve’s carries a large variety of these baits including GLOW bucktails and GLOW gulp bait for night fishing!

We hope to see you very soon at the store! Tight Lines Everyone.



Brent Martin, from Lancaster Pennsylvania, caught a nice Red Drum on an East Coast High Low Rig using cut Spot. #PABoysCanFish


Imre, from Washington DC, caught a nice Bull Drum off the Assateague Surf. #HopeToSeeYouAndTheFamilyAgainSoon


Toby Rickard, from Purcellville Virginia, with a 28 inch Red Drum caught on an East Coast High Low Rig and Cut Spot. #AlmostInTheSlotToby


sean_malone sean_malone_release

John Malone, from Lititz Pennsylvania, caught and released a nice Red Drum off the Assateague Surf. #BeautifulRelease

baltimore_rick copy

br_release baltimore_rick

Baltimore Rick with a Red Drum catch and release off the surf. #WaveHitRickAndNowRickIsColdAndWet


brandon brandon_4

Brandon, from Baltimore Maryland, with an awesome Red Drum catch and release. #SetWillyFree

allan_keeper_red red_29inch_allan

Mr. Allan, from Florida, is fishing hard around the island and is catching some nice Red Drum. This weekend he caught a keeper Red and a 29 incher he released.


On the bayside, Mr. Allan and friends caught some nice bluefish and a keeper Rockfish.


Have you ever met Stephan? He is one of the most excited anglers you’ll ever meet, and we always look forward to his big smile when he comes in the store!


Stephan posing with his pop and a cool Thresher Shark that washed up on the Assateague Surf this weekend.  #NotNemo

shark shark2

Thresher Shark that washed up had lots of folks talking; this is rare. They have very long tails that are known for stunning their prey. They tend to eat bluefish, juvenile tuna, mackerel, squid, cuttlefish, and even crustaceans or seabirds.


Donnie Stefanick, from Drums Pennsylvania, with a very nice 4ft shark caught off the Assateague Surf. #FishTailsMakeGoodBait

Oyster Festival & After Party at Steamers


Oyster Festival Sold OUT!

This weekend is the 42nd Annual Oyster Roast at Tom’s Cove, Steamers is having an after party, and Captain Steve’s has a special on Koozies for the whole weekend! It’s the time of year when everyone wants to grab a long sleeve and hoodie and head outdoors to enjoy the weather and get in some fishing. Fresh bait is in and on ice!


Inlet, Channels, and Sound: We are getting a variety of anglers targeting different fish, but we are having some consistent reports of Flounder still hanging around the inlet and Channels. Live Minnows, Gulp, and Silversides as well as cut bait (mullet, spot, or bunker) and squid are working well. *Current favorite is probably the live minnow. Stripers are making the way up into the inlet and channels and primarily found around structure. Angler’s are having lots of success with Bucktails, Z-man Spinners, Calcutta and Tsunami Swim mullets, and Saltwater Assassin Swim Baits. In addition, anglers are adding gulp bait and uncle joe’s pork rinds to the mix.

Surf Fishing: A few more Bull Red Drum reported and a few more smaller Puppy drum as well. Mixing into the action are Kingfish, Bluefish, Flounder, and Rays. Fresh Spot and Bunker will work all day, but to add to the mix we recommend using bloodworm too!

Offshore: Nice Flounder coming in off the wrecks and Mahi Mahi further out. We sent out our scouts to check on the Tautogs!


Daniel Sahakian from Chincoteague Virginia caught a nice Puppy Drum off the Assateague Surf using fresh cut bait.



Mark and his daughter Sophia with a 49′ Bull Red Drum off the Assateague Surf using fresh cut bait.


David Kramer with a nice double header using a surfball rig.


Larry Marsh with a nice Rockfish casting with swimbaits.

Red Drum, Kingfish (Sea Mullet), and Blues


Fishing Report: October 6, 2014

Well the wind picked up and the temperature dropped enough for us to grab our long sleeves. To put it simply the weather is BEAUTIFUL and yesterday everyone was surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, walking, running, and fishing. Some of us even missed football (dare I say) in order to enjoy the outdoors. For those of you wanting the report:

Chincoteague Channel, Creeks,  and New Pier: Still getting reports of Scattered Flounder using live minnows and silversides. Several reports of Stripers (Rockfish) caught using artificials such as Tsunami baits, Salt-Water Assassins, Glass Shads, Calcutta baits, Z Man baits, and Gulp as well as Crab.

Assateague Channel and Inlet: Consistent Reports of Kingfish caught using bloodworms and Fishbites (Shrimp and Blood worms).

Assateague Surf: Several reports of Kingfish, Bluefish, and a few Flounder as well as some scattered Spot. A few Bull Drums were caught off the surf this weekend and early this morning and a few keepers within the slot were taken home for dinner. Anglers are using Fresh Spot, Fresh Finger Mullet, and Fresh Cobb as well bloodworm, squid, and shrimp.

Tight Lines Everyone!


Bill Mabbitt with a nice Bull Drum caught off the Assateague Surf early this morning. Jack Emily Ira and Eli look at this fish pappy caught and released 49” RedDrum

papa_louie levitttown_pa joe_lang

Joe Lang, AKA Papa Louie, from Levittown Pennsylvania caught a beautiful Ray from Tom’s Cove using live minnows.


Tyler Hochfelder from Ohio caught a nice 29 inch Red Drum from the Assateague Surf. #AlmostAKeeper



Travis Wright from Chincoteague Virginia, putting his new #Penn Combo (Regiment Rod and Conflict Reel) to work on the Assateague Surf using fresh finger mullet and cob mullet. Brought home plenty of Kingfish and caught several Flounder and Blues.


Jimmy is modeling one of our brand new Captain Steve’s hoodies; they come in all sizes and a variety of colors.


Are you using a Bluefish/Surf Rig? While you are fishing for the big Red Drum you may also want to tie on one of these babies and catch yourself some Kingfish, blues, and Spot.

Release Reels and the Torque Penn


Captain Steve’s is now offering more options from Penn and Release Reels. Stop in the store and learn more about how these quality reels can improve your fishing options.


The Penn Torque

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Fresh Bait for the Weekend!!


19th Annual Striper Tournament: Free Surf Tournament. Please stop by and register at Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle. Tournament last from November 21-23, 2014. Catch some great fish, win prizes, and have some fun!


Fresh Finger Mullet, Fresh Cobb Mullet, and Fresh Spot… Come and Get it!

Update: More Red Drum pulled off the surf earlier today, also Snapper Blues, Kingfish, and a few Flounder.


October is here it is Drum Time, kingfish off the surf some flounder too…


October is here although the temperatures are still warmer than usual.  We are having a good bite off the surf; snapper bluefish, some nice kingfish, butterfly rays.  In the bay anglers are doing best with kingfish near the inlet.  Still a few flounder around too, but you have to put your time in.  Striped Bass have started showing up mostly a night bite.  Stop on in for all your fishing tackle and info.  We have in fresh bait!!!


Here is a good size butterfly ray they have a short tail.



Plenty of flounder off the surf taken on our East Coast high low rig tipped with spot and mullet.


This king fell for a mullet head…


Shane Whealton with a speckled trout!


Big Reds have come to the beach great job Tom!



48” red actually 2 caught by Tom Bradley


Bluefish, king, and a nice flounder.  Some good surf fish makes for a good dinner!

Monday Fishing


September 29, 2014

Fresh Spot and Finger Mullet at Captain Steve’s while they last! If you are looking for the fishing report here’s the word folks:

Kingfish reported in the inlet and baits of choice are bloodworms, shrimp, and squid, and fishbites. Scattered Flounder (especially in the Chincoteague Channel) being caught with live minnows, squid, and cut bait. Sharks and Rays are biting off the new pier, docks, and off the Assateague Surf. Red Drum off the Assateague Surf with cut bait, clams, and crab.

Stop by Captain Steve’s and let us set you up for a day of fishing and fun!

Tight Lines!!!


Tom Felder with a Red Drum off the Assateague Surf.


David Bivens with a Shark off the Assateague Surf.


David Bivens had another “something large” that bit his hook off!



Ever caught 3 crabs at a time? Blue Crabs are still biting around the islands.


Fresh Finger Mullet


Fresh Spot


Red Drum Fishing

Fishing Report: September 26, 2014

It’s Friday afternoon and finally sunny here on Chincoteague Island; the past few days we had some showers and wind. The weather for this weekend is looking good; the reports are sunny on Saturday and partly cloudy on Sunday.

Surf Reports: A couple reports of keeper size Red Drum and a few more Drum outside the slots. Baits of Choice: Mullet, Spot, Clam, and Peeler Crab. There are a lot of Bluefish in the surf and they are chasing finger mullet and other cut baits as well as squid, bloodworms, shrimp, and fishbites. Kingfish and Spot are also scattered in the surf and are biting well on Bloodworms, Shrimp, and Fishbites (especially bloodworm). Still getting reports of Sharks being caught off the surf with anglers using cut baits, finger mullet, and squid. When the surf is calm we’ve had several reports of anglers catching Flounder using bucktail rigs baited with squid, cut bait, and gulp bait. *Fishing Tip: When the surf is rough it helps to use a SPUTNIK weight; this allows the angler to use less weight and have more grab on the bottom.

The Inlet: Kingfish and Spot are being caught around the inlet, just at the mouth of the Assateague Channel. Boats drifting are having luck with Bloodworms and Fishbites; some anglers are using squid and shrimp.

Chincoteague Channel and The New Pier: Still getting reports of Flounder being caught using live minnows and silversides. A few Croakers, Kingfish, and Bluefish are being caught using bottom rigs tipped with Shrimp, Squid, Bloodworm, and Fishbites. *SEVERAL anglers reported big strikes off the new pier (they are being spooled & some large hooks were bent)

Assateague Channel: A few Flounder hanging around and biting Gulp bait and Live Minnows (White Shrimp/White Mantis Shrimp/New Penny Shrimp/and Swim Mullets)

Remember you can’t catch a fish if you don’t wet your lines. Good Luck and Tight Lines Everyone!


Luck Chucky with a Red Drum off the Assateague Surf two days ago; caught using a drum rig and cut mullet. #ChuckyIsLucky #FishinSkillz


The Blue Crabs are still hanging around this fall and plenty of anglers are catching enough for dinner. #ChickenNecks #HandLines #Bunker

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East Coast Surf Rigs w/ J-Hooks


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East Coast Surf Rigs w/ Snell Hooks

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