August 19, 2014: Fishing Report

The fishing season is changing around Chincoteague, but not to worry anglers are still having lots of fun catching fish in the area. We are leaving our summer fishing and getting ready for fall. So, what does this mean for anglers wanting to catch fish now??

Crabbing: There are several families and friends coming in to Captain Steve’s everyday getting bait for the traps, hand lines, and pots. We recommend using chicken necks for the hand lines and bunker for the traps and pots. Stop by and let us set you up with buckets, coolers, ice, crabbing handlines, rope, crab pots (medium and large), gauges, and seasoning. Blue Crabs are common along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, from Massachusetts to Texas. Their Latin name, Callinectes sapidus, means “savory, beautiful swimmer.” The males have large, bright blue claws and legs and are called a “Jimmy” crab. The females have red tips on its claws, smaller than a male, and called a “Sook,” “Jenny,” or a “She Crab.” They are generally steamed (we recommend steaming with vinegar and beer), seasoned, and served with warm butter.

Bay, Channels, and Creeks: Everyone is still having plenty of fun catching croakers around the area. For the bigger fish we recommend finding a deep hole to drift across with a East Coast Surf Rig baited with shrimp, bloodworms, squid, finger mullet chunks, and fish bites (Squid, Clam, Shrimp, Bloodworm, and Crab). Bluefish are making an appearance and anglers are having fun catching these fast attacking fish. Captain Steve’s offers a deluxe mullet rig that is perfect for attracting bluefish to bite, and disabling them from taking off with your tails. Finger mullet, smelt, and bunker are great baits for bluefish. Flounder are still hanging out around these areas as well, and many anglers are drifting in their boats using bucktails baited with Gulp or Squid and also jigging with live minnows, smelts, and silversides. Additionally, anglers are catching Flounder from the docks right outside of their homes and hotels; the very popular Carolina rig with a minnow, silverside, or squid seems to do the trick. There are still reports of Sheepshead and Black Drum being caught around structures (bridges, piers, and old pilings) using peeler crab, clams, shrimp, and sand fleas.

Sharks and Rays: Sharks and Rays are still heavy in demand and anglers are having a blast hunting down these species of fish and catching an interesting variety. Rays are ranging from 12 inches to 60 inches and shark are ranging from 12 inches to 84 inches in length. Captain Steve’s clamps our very own custom shark rig complete with a heavy duty snap swivel, tri-swivel, and Gamakatsu hook…they are made to hook up and go! Baits of choice are mackerel, bunker, cut croakers, live croakers, finger mullets, and whole squids. Captain Steve’s also has plenty of wire leaders with some of the best brands in the market so stop on by and let us set you up for some shark fishing, they kids will love it.

Surf Fishing: Several anglers are reporting good catches of Kingfish early in the morning (we mean just before the sun is up until first light) and late in the evening. A general bottom rig with ricker hooks work great for these fish or an East Coast Surf rig. Baits of choice are bloodworm, shrimp, mullet fillets, squid, and fish bites (Bloodworms, Squid, Clam, Crab, and Shrimp). Sharks and Rays are still in demand off the shore and anglers are really enjoying the fight…it’s truly sporty to bring in one of these guys…or gals on the beach. Don’t get TOO excited…OR DO… a few drums were caught over a weeks time off the surf. We are hoping they will be here soon!! For those of you that don’t know, last year we had a great red drum season off the surf. The action was incredible and most days anglers had their limits within an hour or two. Stop by Captain Steve’s and let us set you up with an East Coast Hi Low Rig (our most popular drum/striper rig) or one of our fishfinder drum rigs. Red drum dine primarily on peeler crabs, shrimp, and cut bait like fresh bunker or mullet.

Offshore: The wreck trips are still producing limited out sessions of Flounder, and nice sizes too. Black Sea Bass are being caught around the wrecks and these fish are so delicious…anglers are never sorry to bring these home. Mahi Mahi and Tuna are being caught by anglers trolling with Ballyhoo and Chunking with Butterfish and Sardines. A few reports of Makos and even a Swordfish. The word is: a decent bite on the canyon and plenty of Mahi Mahi on the 20 fathom.

Life is good here on the island…what can we say we are L-I-V-I-N! Tight Lines Everyone!



Skylar is LIVIN’ the island life…and has no problem with the weather, the fishing, or the company she keeps. Skylar is a great mate and loves help gathering info for the fishing reports; if you see here out and about say hello…and hide your bait because she might eat it.  #BaitSnatcher #CarolinaGirlLivinInChincoteague


Sharon Hudson from Greencastle Pennsylvania caught a 24.5 inch flounder weighing in at 5.11 lbs. She left her boat at home and was fishing off the Birchwood Dock. #Dockfishing


Matt Kauffman fished with Captain Matt and caught some nice Kingfish (whiting).


Ryan Bagby joined Captain John with the “Huntress Charters” for a nice wreck trip and brought home some beautiful Black Sea Bass and Flounder. #Tasty #WreckFishing


Jen Light from Delaware made a trip down the shore for some fun in the sun. Using a Captain Steve’s East Coast Surf Rig baiting the hooks with Finger Mullet, Fish bites (Crab and Shrimp), Crab Claws, and Shrimp, Jen brought home some nice size Croakers. #NiceJohnDeereHat


Connie Wright fishing some of the Creeks and Channels around the island using a Carolina Rig with a Gamakatsu Baitholder hook caught a shark on Saturday. #FingerMullet


Mark, Jake, and Kevin Quinn from Nottingham Pennsylvania are back at again with another nice trip from the wrecks. These boys are on the fish! #FlounderSlayers


Rob Borowicz landed a nice Tuna, and these fish are great to eat!


Lori White with two Flounder; the big one weighed in at 4.2 pounds caught in the Chincoteague Bay. #LindaSleighsFlounderAllDayEveryDay


Dawn Hefner submitted this photo of a Hammerhead Shark caught yesterday afternoon. Most Hammerheads are Coastal and some are found in open ocean water (most are  migratory); they feed on baits such as Sting Rays, Crabs, Shrimp, and Octopi. Depending on the species they range from 5 foot to 19.7 feet long.


Sarah with a little Striper caught in the Chesapeake Bay. #FishingGirlsRock


It’s almost time for Red Drum season here on Chincoteague and we are getting very excited. A few drum were caught last week and some citations were submitted from further South… so it shouldn’t be long. Stop on by the store and let us set you up with an East Coast Hi Low Rig or a Fish Finder Drum Rig.


Captain Steve’s stocks a large assortment of Spro Bucktails w/ Gamakatsu hooks as well as plenty of baitholder hooks, snell hooks, floating jigs, lead heads, football jigs, and fly teasers. Ask our staff what is right for you!



Beautiful Weather


Cal and Josef caught two Mahi’s on aboard the “Lady B.” #dinnertime

mason_2  mason_3 mason

Mason with a beautiful Tuna caught using Butterfish and one of his brand new Penn Spinfisher V 6500 reels w/ 50 lb test braid. #SportySetUp



Lee caught a beautiful Mahi Mahi somewhere in the Atlantic! #NiceFish


Some folks know how to have fun…and catch 5 foot Rays! #SkateBitesForDinner


Fran Kosinski caught this fat Mahi Mahi at the 20 Fathom Line. #MahiChowTime


Burke with a 17 inch Flounder and his sister Isabella and Dad from Chambersburg Pennsylvania. #TheseKidsCanFish


Tod Shoreman submitted this young angler with a nice Shark. #BayFishingForSharks


Baltimore Brian, Jacob, and Erica, went out with “Huntress Charters” and once again Captain John limited out with the flounder. #HuntressIsAFlounderSlayer

August 12, 2014

jordan_first_flounder burton_family

The Burton Family enjoyed fishing off the surf, and Jordan caught his first keeper flounder.


Bob Linker and Family went out wreck fishing with Captain John with the “Huntress Charters” and brought home some nice flounder.

rich_doreen richbigfish082014

Rich and Doreen Gonzoph fishing the wrecks using smelts had plenty of luck lately. #Smelts #FlounderSlayers


TEAM PILGRIM with another happy angler     THANKS STEVE/TERESA   #TEAMPILGRIM20mahi

Fran Kosinski with a 21# mahi mahi #20line fish


Sam. Mike, and Lee with a nice WAHOOO and mahi on a recent offshore trip!

brandonharsh082014 brandonharshshrk082014

Brandon is still catching gigantic Stingrays and Sharks; many of you may remember the 7ft Sand Tiger he caught and released a while back.


Daryl and Rusty were fishing the wrecks and caught a bunch of Black Sea Bass. #GreatTastinFish


Raymond and Brian went out aboard the “Little Doctors” with Captain Jimmy Wilton and hunted some nice Stingrays.


Tom from Ohio caught a whole mess of Croakers. #Dinner


Ed and Ed from Pennsylvania joined Captain John for flounder fishing. #LimitedOut


Trey Neal, with a citation size Mahi Mahi, joined Captain Glenn Neal and Mate Wayne Gualtney from Hallwood Virginia aboard the “Angela Lee.”  #PrettyFish


Tina and Allen aboard the “Hold On” caught some nice Tuna chunking with Butterfish.


Regan and Hayden were surf fishing with Finger Mullet and landed a nice Flounder.

swain_capt_bill swain_tuna

I wanted to give a big shout out to my girl Missy Swain who caught the largest Yellowfin Tuna aboard the “True Grit” with Captain Hank Beasley. Missy and her female pals were fishing the 25th annual Alice Kelly Tournament, a fundraiser event for the Outer Banks Cancer Support Group. #CarolinaGirlsFishingForAGreatCause #OBXFishing









Let The Weekend Begin


August 7th, 2014: Fishing Report

A lot of people are stopping by the store and asking, “Are the Flounder still biting?” The answer is, “Yes!” This time of year the Flounder are spread out around the island and tend to lay in deeper water. The cooler nights combined with the rain has numbed the bite some, but anglers are catching Flounder everyday. Best bait for Flounder fishing around the islands are live minnows and gulp bait, but anglers are also using squid, smelt, bunker, bloodworm, and finger mullet. Stop by Captain Steve’s and let our staff hook you up with some of our best rigs.

Fun Fun Fun! Croakers are here and in the words of the Turtle Man we’ve got “Live Action!” If you are in a boat all you have to do is drift with a bottom rig using smaller hooks with prime baits such as blood worms, squid, shrimp, or our artificial fishbites (Flavors: Squid, Blood worm, Shrimp, Crab, and Clam) and or Gulp Blood worms. Croakers are also being caught from the new Town Pier, Memorial Park, and off of almost any dock around the island. For your convenience Captain Steve’s offers pre-rigged East Coast Surf and Bay Rigs and all you need to do is add the weight.

We’ve said it once and we are gonna keep saying it, “SHARKS!” Anglers are catching them everywhere and this includes the surf, bay, channels, and creeks. These fish are mostly for sport and you need to carefully review the limitations before throwing one of these guys… or girls in your cooler. Captain Steve’s offers a custom clamped Shark rig with stainless steel wire and our very popular Gamakatsu hooks. They are topped with a tri-swivel and a heavy duty snap, therefore you can hook up your rig and add a weight in order to begin fishing right away! Best bait by far is mackerel (they are nice and oily and that is key) and anglers are also using Bunker, Bluefish, Live or Cut Croakers, and Squid. Captain Steve’s also carries plenty of Bunker Chum and Clam Chum, and in the famous words of of Mr. Tom, “We have these Chums 25 hours a day.”

Wreck Fishing is producing nice fat Flounder and Black Sea Bass. Triggers and Spades have faded out mostly, but a few trips are producing some Triggers. Captain Steve’s sells the very popular Spro Bucktail jigs and we have a large variety of colors and sizes; they are equipped with Gamakatsu hooks. Clam chum, Squid, and Salted Sea Clams are also popular around the wrecks, and Captain Steve’s has a large variety of hooks for all fishing purposes.

Anglers are still reporting Black Drum and Sheepshead arounds the pilings. The trick is to find any old structure such as bridges or pilings that have barnacles attached and that’s where the fish are. These fish prefer crustaceans so you need to use peeler crab, shrimp, sand fleas, or mollusks.

Our local anglers are spotting Red Drum in the bay and we are hoping to have another great fall for surf fishing. We look forward to seeing everyone at Captain Steve’s.

Tight Lines Everyone!



Ms. Jeanne Gonzoph is getting ready to cook some dinner for Captain Rich. #ThisLadyKnowsWhatShesDoing


Jim Baumgartner from High Bridge New Jersey, Rob Parker from Zainesville Ohio, and Chris Waltersftom from White Hall Maryland had a great day on the wrecks with Sea Bass, Flounder, and a Trigger Fish with Captain John aboard the “Huntress.” #CaptainJohnIsOnTheFish


Wade Martin caught this beautiful spread of fish in the Chincoteague Bay. #WhatTimeIsDinnerWadeWinkWink


Nader from Pennsylvania with his very first Flounder! #LovingYourShortsNader

little_lady2 little_lady

This little lady goes by the name of Alley and she is clearly on the Croakers and Flounder. #AlleyWearsCoolShadesAndCatchesLotsOfFish

keyton_2 keyton_1

Keyton came into Captain Steve’s and was telling me all about his Bass he caught in Pennsylvania, and then he came to Chincoteague and also caught Flounder. #KeytonIsABassMasterAndFlounderSlayer


Connie Wright from Northeast North Carolina (and is now a “come here” in Chincoteague Virginia) caught this Flounder in the Assateague Channel just before dark using White Gulp Shrimp. #CarolinaGirlsKnowHowToFish

kingfish_rig kingfish_rig3

Captain Steve’s stocks East Coast Surf and Bay rigs for fishing Kingfish (whiting), Croakers, Snapper, Bluefish, Pompano, Blowfish, Oyster Crackers, and Spot. You hook the rig on a snap swivel and add the weight… that’s it! Stop by the store and let us set you up. Best Bait: Blood worm, Shrimp, Squid, and artificials suchs as Fishbites (Flavors:


These beautiful hand tied rigs equipped with circle hooks are used for catching small to medium fish including: Kingfish (whiting), Croakers, Snapper, Bluefish, Pompano, Blowfish, Oyster Crackers, and Spot. Similar to our other rigs, you add this rig to a snap swivel, clip on your weight, and add bait. #SimpleRigsForYourFishingNeeds


Our custom clamped Captain Steve’s shark rigs have a stainless steel wire leader, tri-swivel, heavy duty snap, and Gamakatsu hooks. For an angler’s preference Captain Steve’s stocks both the J-hook style and circle hook style, and they are packaged here in the store. #SharkFishingIsOnFire #Mackerel #Bunker





Hello August!!

Monday August 4th saw the Annual “Take A Kid Fishing Day” held by the Chincoteague Island Charter Boat Association.  The following group of pictures is the kids along with the Captains who volunteered their time and chaperones on the boats.  The kids had a good time!



The Over Sand Vehicle Area is open to the Coast Guard Station. The beach is open to 4×4 vehicle access. You do have to purchase an OSV permit which is good for 1 year


Wanna Go Fishing???

Captain Steve’s has all the right gear to set you up so that you and your family can have a great time and catch some fish.

Fishing Off the Surf: The Sharks are still biting really well and we are having daily reports of anglers catching a variety of sharks ranging in size from 12 inches to 72 inches. They are mainly using mackerel and bunker for bait and shark rigs. Captain Steve’s has a custom clamped stainless steel wire Shark Rig with Gamakatsu hooks. Anglers are also reporting lots of Croakers, a few Bluefish, a few Spot, some Flounder (when targeted), and Rays. The store stocks plenty of Kingfish rigs and bottom rigs with a variety of hooks, and for bait we carry shrimp, bloodworms, squid, peeler crab, fresh bunker, smelts, finger mullet, and fishbites (artificial bait: squid, bloodworm, clam, shrimp, and crab).

Fishing the Bay, Channel, or Creeks: Everyday we have reports of Flounder and those targeting them are using live minnows, silversides, smelt, bunker fillets, and gulp bait (Hot Pink and White are still in the lead). Reports of Shark using fresh bunker, cut croakers, whole squid, mackerel, live minnows, and finger mullet. The Croaker are everywhere and baits of choice are shrimp, bloodworms, squid, and fishbites (artificial bait: squid, bloodworm, clam, shrimp, and crab). Additionally, the Sheepshead are still around in the channels and are caught primarily around structure. Sheepshead love crustaceans and will bite shrimp, peeler crab, and sand fleas.

Fishing Offshore and the Wrecks: Wreck fishing is consistently good with several limited out trips of Flounder and Black Seabass. A few Triggers are still hanging around and being caught, but not as strong as about a month and a half ago. Jigging with bucktails and squid as well as clam chunking is very popular. Captain Steve’s stocks Spro Bucktails in a variety of sizes as well as small Gamakatsu hooks and bags of clam chum. The anglers pursuing Mahi Mahi and Tuna are going farther offshore to the Parking Lot, Lumpy Bottom, and the Canyons. Captain Steve’s has plenty of Bionic Ballyhoo, Butterfish, Mackerel Flat, and Chum (Tournament Chum, Mackerel Chum, and Bunker Chum).

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Captain Steve’s! Tight Lines Everyone!


August 4, 2014


Shaun caught and released this Sand Tiger shark off the Assateague Surf. Sand tigers are generally sluggish and slow moving, it’s often seen around reefs and wrecks in loose schools. They hunt small fish. Shaun is an instructor at the Marine Science Consortium that offers a variety of Marine Science and Ecology programs for youth ranging from ages 5 to 18 years old. For more information about the Marine Science Consortium visit: www.msconsortium.org


TJ, Amanda, Logan, and Allie went out on a fun charter with Captain Shawn and had a great time. Amanda emailed us and said the kids learned a lot about fishing. #funtrip


Julia Coleman and Monica from Greenbush Virginia were catching some nice croakers at the Queen Island Sound Boat Ramp yesterday. We pulled up with our boat as these ladies were just wetting their lines and within seconds Julia had a nice Croaker. #greatcatch


Sally Ann, a NASA intern for the summer, joined by her mom Cindy Keyes both from Alaska were joined by Chris Hunn and Kevin O’Brien from St. Louis Missouri aboard the “Huntress Charters” with Captain John for some East Coast Style Fishing. Looks like everyone is eating Flounder this week. #JiggingForFlounder #EastCoastFishing


August 2, 2014

huntress_charters_2 huntress_charters

Theresa, Donnie, Alyssa, Lucas, Donald Madison from Shemokin, PA and Dave Snyder from Chincoteague Virginia had a great day today aboard the “Huntress Charters” with Captain John. The largest Flounder was 5 pounds 8 ounces. #wreckfishing


Mark, Jake, and Kevin Quinn from Nottingham Pennsylvania (and Chincoteague) fished off the wrecks and brought home some nice Flounder. #nicecaptainstevesgear



Trevor Freeman from New Jersey had a quick 15 minute battle with this beautiful Tuna. #TrevorNeedsANewHatButWeLikeHisFishingStyle

Goodbye July… it was FUN!



July 31, 2014

eric_morrow_2 eric_morrow

Eric Morrow and Donna Wailes from Chincoteague Virginia were using mullet fillet and squid around the subway cars. They caught five keepers ranging from 17 – 23 inches and ten throwbacks. #wreckfishing #localsdoingtheirthing


John, Tama, Kyle, and Kalyn Piezo joined by Sam all from Virginia Beach Virginia fished the wrecks with Captain Kenny with the “Nothing Fancy” Charters. #wreckfishing


Will and the Godin family from Jersey caught the first keeper flounder from the New Fishing Pier located off main street. #17incher #familyfishingpower


Tom Lamb with a nice mahi mahi aboard the “Pilgrim” fished with Captain Steve.


Chris Lambertson with Captain Steve aboard the “Pilgrim” with a nice mahi mahi.

seabass Galante_family

The Galante Family went out today with Captain John with the “Huntress” Charters and brought home 75 Black Sea Bass and 2 Mahi Mahi. #wreckfishing


The Horne family went out with Captain Kenny with the “Nothing Fancy” Charters and caught some beautiful flounder around the wrecks. #wreckfishing


Mark Fetzer, from Pocomoke City Maryland, caught a nice citation size Sheepshead at 12lbs and 4 ounces fishing in the Chincoteague Channel with Peeler Crab. #citationsheephead

The 2014 Pony Swim is Here

The 2014 Annual Pony Swim: July 30, 2014


Chincoteague Pony Swim

On Wednesday, the Saltwater Cowboys will swim the ponies from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island. The swim takes place at “slack tide”. Slack tide is a period of about 30 minutes between tides, when there is no current. This is the easiest time for the ponies to make the swim. The time of slack tide varies each year. However, the swim generally takes place some time between 7am and 1pm. The specific time will be announced at the carnival grounds the week of the swim. The Chincoteague Ponies will swim across the Assateague Channel, just south of Memorial Park (7427 Memorial Park Dr, Chincoteague Island, VA 23336) on the east side of Chincoteague Island. There is no charge to see the ponies swim. However, the ONLY parking at Memorial Park is designated for handicap use. All folks coming in just for the day are encouraged to go to Chincoteague Combined School (4586 Main St. Chincoteague Island, VA 23336) and catch the free shuttle. Those lodging on Chincoteague Island may catch a shuttle bus near their lodging. We recommend getting started early on this day and to anticipate a heavy crowd. Click here to view the shuttle bus map. Click here for helpful information about riding the shuttle to Pony Swim events. The best way to see the pony swim up close is on a Charter Boat. However, spots on these boats for the pony swim are in very high demand, so be sure to reserve your spot at least several months in advance.

The first foal to come ashore will be named King or Queen Neptune and will be given away in a raffle drawing at the carnival grounds later in the day (time to be announced). Tickets are sold each night at the carnival and amongst the crowd while waiting for the swim to occur. You must have a ticket and you must be present to win.

This information is from: (http://www.chincoteague.com/pony_swim_guide.html)

IMG_7895 IMG_7896

What a crew a fun trip with 4 yellowfin tuna and 60 seabass in another good trip with friend trip with “The German” Darryl, Capt. John, Rebar Joe, Rusty !

Fishing Report: July 28th, 2014


Doug and family limited out again fishing off the wrecks. #fishingfamily


Emily from Pennsville New Jersey, fishing in the Chincoteague Channel, using minnows and Flounder rigs were catching lots and lots of Croakers until… Emily landed this Shark! Her dad Greg was her Captain. #DadsMakeGreatCaptains


Rich Gonzoph with two nice Flounder that pulled him right out of his BAD SLUMP! Rich was using Captain Steve’s smelts. #SmeltsBringHomeTheFlounder


Jersey Rich’s flounder weighing in a just over 5.25lbs.


Tom Mable caught this shark weighing in over 50lbs off the Assateague Surf. #CutCroakers


Tom, Josh, and Own Mable from Reading Pennsylvania with another shark in the Assateague Surf. #CutCroakers


Rusty and Mason Bennet from Reading Pennsylvania with a nice shark off the Assateague Surf. #CutCroakers


Lazlo caught this shark off the Assateague Surf. #NightFishingForSharks


Brad Woodhouse fishing with Bluefish chunks and fishing off the Blackfish Banks ran into one of these guys. #BluefishChunks #ClassyHatSir


Luke with his first White Marlin at the 30 line trolling naked Bally with Captain Doug Bramble. #WhiteMarlin #YoungAngler #CongratsLuke


The Thunderstorms Passed and Fishing has Resumed


Update After The Storm: Several anglers and guest have inquired about the thunderstorms that hit the Eastern Shore earlier this week. Chincoteague Island had thunder and lightning with some heavy rain, but everyone here is safe. Unfortunately some of the guest and locals on the South Eastern Shore were not so lucky; they endured severe weather with casualties and injuries from the storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families as well as all the emergency responders that were their to assist everyone in their time of need.


Fishing Report July 26, 2014

The Croaker are in and they are everywhere! This is the perfect time to bring the family for some fun fishing, your chances of catching Croaker are 99.9%. Here at Captain Steve’s were carry plenty of bottom rigs with a large assortment of hooks. For an angler’s convenience we stock East Coast Surf & Bay Rigs used for catching Croaker, Spot, and Kingfish as well as snapper, pompano, blowfish, and bluefish. They are tied and ready to go… you add the appropriate weight. Baits of Choice for Croaker are Bloodworms, Squid, Shrimp, and Fishbites (artificial bait: shrimp, bloodworm, squid, crab, and clam).

Sharks, Sharks, and more Sharks have infiltrated the bays, channel, and shoreline. Angler’s who want a fun fight and to challenge themselves into catching a shark, stop on by Captain Steve’s and let us set you up with the right tools. We have custom clamped stainless steel wire shark rigs with Gamakatsu hooks guaranteed to increase your chances of the shark not biting through the leader. Bait of choice is fresh Bunker (Yes! We have some in stock) Mackerel, and Squid.

The Wrecks are still producing great numbers of keeper size Flounder, most boats are limiting out. A few Triggers and Spades are still hooking up, but not as much as they were a month ago. Captain Steve’s just got a large shipment of Spro bucktails, and they are one of the hottest lures this season when jigging for Flounder. Gulp and Squid are both used when jigging for flounder around the wrecks. We also stock a variety of sizes of Gamakatsu hooks that anglers are baiting with clam and squid while fishing for Triggers and Spades.

Flounder in the Bay, Channels, and Creeks are being caught everyday. This time of year anglers have the most luck drifting through deeper holes using Gulp bait and minnows. The store stocks plenty of flounder rigs and we can get you fishing in no time. *NEW: We just stocked Red 4 inch swimming mullet & restocked White 6 inch swimming mullet.

Anyone fishing offshore? Captain Steve’s stocks Butterfish, Mackerel Flats, Bionic Ballyhoo, and Chum (Tournament Chum, Mackerel Chum, and Bunker Chum).

Good luck to all anglers out there, and remember you can’t catch a fish if you don’t wet your lines. Tight Lines Everyone!


Ben, age 7, with his FIRST FISH! #fishingfever #congrats


This beautiful shark was caught on the Assateague Surf. #sharkbait #bravemenwithbarefeet


Jimmy and Mr. Al fishing in the Assateague Channel caught five keepers and a Grey Trout. #gulpbait #minnows


John Speleos with a nice shark off the Assateague Surf. #sharkrig


Preston and Grace Mullett from Powell, Ohio catching Croakers using Kingfish rigs and Fishbites. #islandlife #younganglers


Greg, Joe, Joe, and Devyn from Lancaster Pennsylvania caught 51 Croaker and 1 Spot using Fishbites and Red Gulp. #Gulpbait #dinnertime


Elizabeth, 8 years old, from Kentucky with a Flounder she caught in the Chincoteague Channel using Pink Gulp. #FlounderSlayer #KentuckyGirlsRock


Mr. Jim and Friends went out with Captain John aboard the “Huntress Charters” and caught plenty of fatty Flounders and a few Trigger fish. #wreckfishing


Jordan all the way from California with a nice 20 inch Flounder. #WestCoasterFishingEastCoastStyle


Mark and Kevin limited out with eight keeper Flounder. #welldone


Tom Blackwell and John Hubbard from Maryland went out with Captain Matt Abel from Seahawk Sportcenter, caught Triggerfish around the wrecks. #wreckfishing

Send Us Your Pictures!

Send Us Your Pictures

Each year our visiting anglers and our locals help us out by sending us family photos of their fishing trips while they are fishing around Chincoteague, VA. Sharing fishing stories is part of the experience and we love to see the kids getting out there and catching their first Croaker or Blue Crab as well as anglers fishing from the shore, the bays, the wrecks, and the deeper water offshore. If you have a fishing photo you would like to share with Captain Steve’s please email us at: stevesbaitandtackle@gmail.com. Be sure to include information such as the angler’s names, hometown, name of the boat and Captain if you chartered a trip, and if you would like to include the bait and or tackle you used we appreciate it.


Fishing Report July 21, 2014

Surf: Several Reports of Sharks being caught all over the surf; Captain Steve’s has hand clamped Shark Rigs with Stainless Steel Wire set up and ready to hit the beach. Baits of choice are Mackerel and Bunker. Other reports off the surf are Rays, a few Bluefish, Kingfish, and Croakers. This morning we had a few Red Drum caught and released.

Bay, Channels, and Creeks: Lots and lots of Croakers and the size varies. The dominate bait is shrimp and bloodworms followed by squid. Captain Steve’s stocks the very popular fishbites (artificial bait) in Clam, Bloodworm, Crab, and Shrimp. *NOTE: The town pier is doing well and there are reports of anglers catching Croaker all week long.

The Wrecks:  Flounder, Spades, and Triggers are dominating with a few Cobia and Tautogs (out of season). Captain Steve’s carries Squid, Smelt, Big Minnows, Clams, and Shrimp and are all used around the wrecks.

Offshore: Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Shark. Heavy Chunking is working well with Butterfish and trolling with Ballyhoo using Blue and White skirted rigs as well as Islander rigs.




John Main from Ellicott City Maryland aboard the “Martha Jane” limited out in 2 hours off the wrecks. His Flounder were 20″, 21″, 22″, and 23″. #LimitedOut


Shawnee and Taylor with two 22 inch flounder and a 17.5 inch flounder.


These young anglers hit the wrecks and brought home 8 keeper flounder.


Captain Frank, Captain Jay, and Mate Dave took  out the O’Bryant Crew and these gentlemen landed some nice Tuna and a dolphin. #Tuna #Dolphin #Goodeatin


Another good trip with Captain Glenn aboard the “Shammy.” Tommy Button and Crew caught a 60 lb Yellowfin and 4 Mahi Mahi chunking at Lumpy Bottom. #Tuna #MahiMahi


Joshua Bukofsku from Glen Lyon Pennsylvania caught this 23.25 inch flounder. #dinner


Keith Antoniacci from Derwood Maryland caught a shark off the Assateague Surf. #sharkrigs #mackerel #bunker


Mariah Luring with double header Croakers on a top and bottom rig. #nicework

July 19th Update


Bach Vu fishing the wrecks landed a nice Black Sea Bass. If you’ve never had Black Sea Bass you are missing out on a delicious meal.


Bach Vu aboard “Birthday Wishes” caught this nice Yellowfin Tuna using a Sea Striker Bally-Hoo Trolling Rig.


Gregg Selby and Chris Burton aboard “The Hunter Lynn” caught these dolphin at the Lumpy Bottom using Butterfish. #NiceCaptainSteveHats


My lab Skylar really loves fishing on the boat, and yesterday she was a great mate while we had some fun catching lots of Croakers in the Queen Sound. Using Clam Fish Bites and Shrimp our rigs were barely hitting the bottom before there was a bite. The size of the fish varied, some definitely had some size to them.